How Do I Clean My Garage? A few helpful hints…

Is your garage messy and disorganized? Here are some helpful hints to overhaul your messy garage. Sneak in a last minute garage cleaning before the school year starts!

1. Pressure wash the floor. Pressure washers are a great and easy way to quickly clean an exterior surface. You can either hire a company to come out and pressure wash your garage for you, or you can borrow or buy your own and do it yourself. You will be able to reach every inch and crack in the flooring and make it squeaky-clean! This is also a great opportunity to begin clearing out the (ahem,) junk in your garage and organizing it.

2.Organize your stuff. Grab a truck and begin by getting rid of all the stuff you haven’t used in a year and you know you won’t use again. Clearing away stuff that hasn’t been used it a great way to create more room for the things you do use! If it’s broken, load it in your truck. If you don’t use it, load it in your truck. If your kids have outgrown it, load it in your truck. Once you’ve done that, take a load to the dumpster and a load to your local donation box.

3. Buy compartments and mark them with a Sharpie. This way you’ll know just what box to grab when you need an extension cord, your flashlight or extra batteries.

4. Organize your tools. Organizing your tools and keeping them that way is easy with pegboards. Putting easy-to-use hooks up on the board keeps all of your tools on hand and easy to find.

5. Use the wall. For smaller garages, use the walls for storage. Hang bins, smaller cupboards, and shelves higher on the wall to make room for bikes, cars, and walking. You can also hang your rakes and shovels on the wall to keep the clutter off the ground.

6. Protect the floor. Place mats under your cars to keep oil from dripping on the cement. For best results, buy a professional grade mat. (But old rugs work great if you’re in a pinch. You can find cheap rugs at your local thrift store.)

7. Put up shelving. If you don’t already have built-in cupboards or shelving units in your garage, put up your own shelving. Garages can provide a lot of hidden storage, whether it’s for holiday decorations or sports equipment. Don’t want to do it yourself? Get it done professionally by Classy Closets! Our custom made storage solutions will help you double or triple your space.

Happy cleaning!

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