Classy Closets OC Collaborates with Rebecca Robeson


Classy Closets OC had the pleasure of collaborating with Rebecca Robeson, an accomplished interior designer with over three decades of experience. Together, we embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the guest bedroom in her latest modern home remodel.

The initial room featured a double reach-in closet with built-in desks, creating a home office vibe. However, the homeowner envisioned a welcoming guest bedroom rather than a workspace, prompting Rebecca to craft a design that would make guests feel truly at home.

The result is nothing short of spectacular – the once humble reach-in closets have been transformed into an exquisite guest room oasis. This revamped space boasts a plethora of thoughtful features, including a glass-top jewelry drawer that allows for a stylish and practical view of accessories without the need to open the drawer. Glass shelves add an elegant touch, ideal for showcasing handbags, while side cubbies with baskets provide a convenient spot for guests to store their belongings.

To elevate the guest experience further, the design incorporates a built-in wine fridge, ensuring that refreshments are always within reach. A dedicated compartment for luggage discreetly stores suitcases, preventing any post-unpacking clutter. The inclusion of mirror doors amplifies the sense of space and functionality, and meticulous lighting arrangements enhance every aspect of the room – from inside the closet to the surrounding areas, shelves, and cubbies. This collaboration with Rebecca Robeson has truly redefined the concept of a guest bedroom, turning it into a sophisticated and welcoming retreat.

Watch the full video here: LUXURY HOME Makeover REVEAL | Modern Luxury with a View | Part 2 ( 


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