Reach-in Closets VS. Walk-in Closets


Size & Space:

A reach-in closet is a smaller storage space that is typically built into the wall of a bedroom or hallway. Reach-in closets have a limited width and depth with the purpose of providing basic storage for clothes and accessories. A walk-in closet is a larger, more spacious storage area that you can physically walk into. It’s similar to a small room dedicated to storing clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items like linens or personal belongings. 

Storage Capacity: 

Due to its smaller size, reach-in closets have limited storage capacity, but don’t be fooled by their small size. Classy Closets can triple the amount of storage space in your reach-in closet. Walk-in closets naturally offer more storage space due to their large size. They can naturally accommodate a wider variety of clothing, accessories, and shoes. 

Customization and Organization: 

Customize your reach-in and walk-in closets with Classy Closets! We can add shelves, drawers, hidden laundry baskets, valet rods, and multiple hanging spaces within your reach-in closet, tripling the amount of storage space. Walk-in closets offer more opportunities for customization and storage solutions. Classy Closets can add shoe racks, built-in drawers, hidden laundry baskets, adjustable shelving, closet islands, valet rods, and more to your walk-in closet!

Reach-in Closet Before: 


Reach-in Closet After a Classy Closets Remodel: 


Walk-in Closet Before:


Walk-in Closet After a Classy Closets Remodel: 


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