Custom Features To Consider For Your New Closet


Picking Out the Right Custom Closet Features

What do you need out of your new custom closet? More than likely, you’ve asked yourself this question many times as you have been researching new closet storage. The options for closet systems and closet accessories are endless, but we can help take the guesswork out of this process for you! A typical one-size-fits-all closet system doesn’t consider the individual needs of each buyer. Many out-of-the-box storage systems have some storage capacity, but they can lack serious functionality. When you work with a Classy Closets’ designer, you’ll get the best storage system for your unique closet space. Each buyer is uniquely different, like each Classy Closets’ storage system. 

At Classy Closets, you will work with a professional closet designer to help design the perfect closet for you. At your initial free in-home consultation, your designer will take the time to measure your closet, discuss your needs, and begin design ideas. 

Your Classy Closets designer will run over all the options with you. However, it never hurts to research what is available before you meet to feel confident with your choices. Below are some custom closet features and accessories you may want to consider when building your dream closet!

What Custom Closet Accessories are Available?

Classy Closets has an extensive array of custom closet features, whereas typical box systems will lack customization options. A Classy Closets’ system offers an abundance of custom closet features like shoe shelves and rails, hampers, cabinet doors, glass-front cabinets, jewelry drawers, ironing board pull-out, soft-close drawers, mirrors, and more! 

Size Matters:

There are many custom accessory options, and each measurement is tailored to your exact closet space. Drawers can be small, shallow, or wide and deep. We will customize each section of your closet to your specifications. 

Take a moment to note how you will be using your closet.  Below are some helpful ways to identify what type of closet customer you are and what options you may want to consider!

What Kind of Custom Closet Do I Need? 

Let’s talk more about what you may need from a custom closet. 

Not all storage solutions and custom options are suitable for everybody. Therefore, it’s essential to identify what type of closet you want. 

What Type of Closet Costumer Are You?  Are you The Clothing Enthusiast? 

Classy Closets Luxury Closet with Amber Fillerup Clark
To see an example of this type of closet, check out our Classy Closets’ Closet Reveal with Amber Fillerup Clark.

Some customers have ample closet space and an extensive collection of unique clothing items. They want to utilize their closets strictly for clothing. They have a lot of clothing, accessories, and jewelry that they want carefully taken care of and artfully displayed. 

Budget: Typically, this client will want high-end options, like glass-front cabinets or an island, and the price point for this type of closet will be on the higher end. 

Are you The Storage Optimizer?

Utilize Your Closet Space with Classy Closets

Storage is King for this client! You may want to hang your clothing nicely, but you care more about the amount of storage space you can utilize within your closet and how well it stays organized. Of course, you want to store your clothing and shoes easily. Still, you also want room for your Christmas decorations and even essential files!

For a great example of this type of closet, check out our collaboration with AZ House of Order. Reach more about her custom closet with Classy Closets.

Budget: Depending on size, a closet that features cabinets, drawers, and multiple closet accessories, will be in a mid to high range budget.

Are you The Thoughtful Minimalist?

“Never have I ever… needed more storage space in my closet” is something you may have heard from a minimalist! A minimalist is thoughtful about the amount of stuff they store.

Therefore, large storage spaces and multiple closet accessories may not be the best path for you. Instead, you may want to consider a closet with more fundamental storage options. 

A basic or deluxe reach-in closet will likely be your best option. For more examples, visit our reach-in Classy Closets web page.

Budget: A reach-in closet, depending on accessories and size, will be in the low to mid-range budget. 

Time to Design!

If you’ve identified your closet needs from the descriptions above, here are some closet features you’ll want to consider when designing your closet:

The Clothing Enthusiast:

Below are a couple of custom options you may want to consider if you’re a true fashion enthusiast!

Hanging Space


Hanging space: If you’ve got lots of clothes, you’ll need lots of hanging space! Classy Closets has options for all different lengths of hanging space. We've got you covered! Whether you need a long hang for dresses or a short hang for shirts and pants. Above, you can see a closet with varying levels of hanging space length.

Our customer, Madonna, in her new closet

Above is our customer, Madonna, in her fabulous closet. Her shoe collection is a work of art! So making sure she had enough shoe storage was a top priority! Many of her shoes are vintage, and she rotates them by season, keeping them in climate-controlled storage when they aren’t being showcased.



If you’ve got a large closet, you may want to utilize the footprint of the closet by adding in an island, or in this case… two! In addition, this savvy customer added a small bench for quickly putting on shoes. 

Glass Front Cabinets


If you’re looking to display your favorite items, glass-front cabinets are a helpful addition.

Jewelry Drawer



If you’ve got a lot of accessories, adding a custom jewelry drawer may be a wise option. A jewelry drawer can help give peace of mind that all of your belongings are in a safe place. 

Other Custom Options:

Consider adding custom storage space for a steamer to help keep your clothing in tip-top condition. Other options include belt and tie racks, a valet bar, or purse hooks. 

The Storage Optimizer


More storage is never a bad thing, and these custom options will help you get the most out of your new custom closet. 




Don’t air your dirty laundry! A built-in hamper will free up the wall and floor space in your closet and keep things tidy. 


Ironing Board


Optimize space and functionality by adding in a store-away ironing board. Easily pulled down and put back up, this accessory makes for one smart closet!



Use drawers to store anything from clothing to seasonal decorations! Drawers are a great way to utilize storage space and keep storage hidden.

Tall Cabinets


Tall cabinets will hide away any items you want to store while keeping things sleek and clean. Tall storage cabinets with adjustable shelving will allow you to store boxes, baskets, and anything else! They are perfect for storage optimization. 

Washer and Dryer


If you love double-duty spaces, like a closet that can store multiple items, then you may love the option to designate space for a washer and dryer. Multi-functional closets? Yes, please!

The Thoughtful Minimalist:

Simple Shelving:


Not all customers will need, or want, a closet full of accessories. If that’s the case for you, simple shelving can still triple your current closet's amount of storage space. In addition, if you have a walk-in closet, simple shelving and hanging sections will help to carefully store your wardrobe so it will last for years to come.

Reach In Closet  


Reach-In closets are the perfect option for someone who has basic closet needs and loves to keep their belongings to a minimum. In addition, a reach-in closet system is perfect for utilizing small spaces.

Let’s Get Started!

Your closet should be functional, and only you can choose exactly what that will look like. Whether you’re searching for a high-end custom closet or a space-saving, dual-duty closet, we’ve got suitable options for each type of customer and for each budget. It’s crucial to design a closet that is right for you and will last for years. We can help!

Schedule a free in-home estimate today to go over all of these storage options with a Classy Closets designer!

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