Classy Closets Designer Spotlight: Alicia Smith


Having been with Classy Closets for a little over two years, Alicia found her calling as a designer from her passion for creative expression and a strong belief in the seamless blend of aesthetics and design. What Alicia enjoys most about her role at Classy Closets is the chance to unleash her creativity and collaborate closely with clients, transforming their visions into reality.

“Design, for me, is a way of life—a channel for expressing enthusiasm and creativity. I’m drawn to the power of design. I aim to create experiences that leave a lasting impression on my clients,” said Alicia Smith. 

Alicia is most proud of the Mystic Master Closet she recently designed that won the Classy Closets 2023 Design Competition.

“There was a lot of effort that went into making the client's vision work. There were so many elements and details to implement. Seeing them all brought together cohesively really brings me a sense of joy and satisfaction,” said Alicia. 

Alicia’s vision for the mystic master closet was to give her clients a fusion of contemporary and traditional aesthetics to match the style of the home, while still providing the functionality needed in a closet. 

“The clients requested something elegant and grand, with glass and mirrors, stone tops, crown molding, and lighting displays,” said Alicia Smith. 

Alicia integrated glass doors and illuminated shelving in the Mystic Master Closet to showcase her client's designer purses and shoes. Mirrored doors not only offer a full-length reflection but also create an illusion of a larger space. Additional elements include an elongated hanging space for dresses and coats, a hidden hamper, and two jewelry drawers.

For those aspiring to create a luxurious closet, Alicia says that you don't need to have a perfect vision for the space. Instead, it’s crucial to understand what items need to be stored and how you envision utilizing the space.

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