Summer Storage Ideas ☀️

Summer is here and we are so excited! 💛

But, like you, we are also a little worried about all those extra summer items cluttering hallways or constantly getting lost! Can’t you picture it? Wet towels laying in every room, lost goggles when it’s time for a swim and darn it, where are your sandals!

Summer belongings can quickly take up your whole house; while cleaning messy rooms and looking for lost things can quickly take up your day! Classy Closets’ home storage solutions can help solve your summer storage problems!

Extra storage in the form of a mudroom, laundry room or closet can help ensure that your summer belongings have an organized place! If your belongings don’t have a designated place in your home, they WILL be scattered throughout it. So, if you don’t have a specific place for your towels, sandals, snorkel or slip n’ slide, they will end up lost or creating a mess in your home or yard. 

Is there an extra space in your home that could be transformed into a storage closet or mudroom? Is your laundry room as efficient as it could be?

Real-Life Application

This customer had empty shelves in her laundry room that she wasn’t utilizing. By adding baskets to hold summer goggles, towels, etc. she’s turned it into the perfect summer storage! 🏊🏼‍♀️🏄🏾‍♀️💦

Check out all the summer storage available now!

Classy Closets' creates summer storage for your home.

Storage Design Ideas

Some options to consider when designing a summer or seasonal storage space, are:

-Hooks: Adding hooks to your home storage is a lifesaver! Hang backpacks, towels, beach bags, etc. 

-Shoe Shelves: Adding shoe shelves to a mudroom or laundry room will help keep your summer or winter shoes in a designated spot. No more searching for that sandal!

-Individual Compartments: Separate compartments are perfect for keeping things organized. Each person in your family can have their own space for their belongings!

-Adjustable Shelves: Adjustable shelves make your home storage solution completely customizable. You can store anything you need! Shoes, bubbles, towels, etc. 

Free In-Home Consultation

Our custom storage designs are the perfect solution to your summertime storage problems! 

If you have a space in your home that can be utilized as summer storage or even a closet or laundry room that can be upgraded, schedule a free in-home appointment with us!