7 Tips to Keeping Your Closet Organized

Your closet should be a space that you love and one that feels peaceful and organized because you utilize it multiple times every day! This starts with having a space for each item and making sure you know where things are. Have you walked in your closet in search of that beautiful floral scarf only to find yourself searching in all the wrong places? That can be frustrating! Here are some tips that will keep your closet organized and keep you sane!

1.) Purge unnecessary items: Do you have items in your closet that you never use? Stop holding on to clothing that is never worn and just cluttering your space. Ask yourself, “What adds to my happiness?” (If you haven’t watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, that’s your homework!) Rule of thumb, get rid of the items that you haven’t used in 6 months!

2) Place clothing in logical spots: Put shoes and clothing that you use most in easy to reach spots. For example, formal dresses should be hung toward the back of your closet and the shoes that go with the dress can be placed on high shelves. Keep everyday items closet to the front!

3) Use baskets for increased organization: Clothing pieces like scarves, that don’t hang, can easily be put into baskets and will maximize your storage.

4) Color coordinate closet: One way to keep your closet aesthetically pleasing is by hanging clothes by colors. Don’t hang a red shirt in with all your blue blouses. Keep the same colors together.  Say it with us, “Organization is happiness!”

5) Stagger your shoes: By placing one shoe forward and one shoe backward you save space and can fit more shoes! Ta-dah and you’re welcome!

 6) Remember Classy Closets’ shelves are flexible: Move shelves up or down to make them work for you and your items. For tall boots move them up and for folded shirts and pants you can move them down so they are smaller.


7) Style your closet to make it YOUR OWN (Our favorite tip!): Add fun artwork or lay a beautiful rug on the ground. A closet can be a space that you love walking into, no matter how small!