How Do I Decorate My Closet? A Few Design Ideas…

Fall in love with your closet? Yes, you can! Try these simple decorating ideas to help you love your storage space.

 What you believe: A closet is that extra (annoying) space in your home to store junk and it never has enough room. You like the doors kept tightly shut.

What we believe: A closet is an extra space to store important belongings and it has ample space for all your storage needs. Your closet feels peaceful, organized and you wouldn’t mind the doors being left open because well, it’s just another part of your home that you love.

Not convinced that you can actually grow to love your closet? We can help!

Decorating my closet: where do I begin?

Decorating my closet: where do I begin?

Besides installing beautiful and functional Classy Closets storage solutions that will double or triple your closet space, there are a couple other tips and tricks that will turn your closet from nightmare space into peaceful place. Most importantly, decorating your closet space… Follow along as we outline some simple design ideas and decorating tips for your closet:

1. Add personal touches. Many people falsely assume that a closet can’t be decorated. We disagree! By adding personal touches to your closet, just like you would any other area of your home, you will create a sense of peace and contentment. Add special photos, showcase important jewelry or add your favorite books. Creating a special nook or vanity is a great way to personalize your closet space. You can even create shelving units just for decoration.

2. Keep it clean. Many people don’t like spending time in their closet because it’s like spending time in the junk drawer: it’s cluttered, messy and stressful. By adding custom Classy Closets storage solutions, you will add up to three times as much storage space and be able to compartmentalize your clothes and other items to help keep your closet clean. A few ideas: hang your clothes at the end of everyday, keep your clothes organized according to color, show case your shoes. Keeping your closet organized and clean won’t be such a headache when you have a place to put everything.

3. Add lighting you love. Lighting is key! Choose a chandelier or modern light fixture that will brighten up your space and add beauty and charm.

4. Add a rug for pattern and color. The easiest way to add color and pattern to your closet is by incorporating a rug. Pick a rug size that will fit nicely in your closet and that adds brightness and color. Added bonus: you’ll love stepping on to a nice plush carpet each morning.

5. Wallpaper- a burst of color: Wallpaper, though admittedly not as easy, is another great way to add color. Subtle or bright? Metallic or matte? You choose! This is your closet, after all!

6. Mirror, Mirror on the wall… Don’t forget to add a full-length mirror. By adding a mirror, you will make getting ready in the morning a little less stressful. A large mirror will make your closet space feel larger and help to create more lighting. It’s a win-win.

7. Take a seat. Add a fun, beautiful chair to your closet, and you’ll have your own special space to sit and think or relax.

If your closet is a smaller walk in or even a reach-in closet space, these ideas can still be incorporated to a smaller scale. No matter the size of your closet, it’s easy (and important) to love your space.

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