Amber Fillerup Clark Collaboration

We had the opportunity to work with Amber and David Clark of Barefoot Blonde (and Barefoot Blonde Hair) to design the ultimate custom luxury closet for their new home!

David and Amber wanted to create an open and bright, luxury closet that also had enough storage space to store all their belongings in designated places. We wanted everything could be stored carefully and thoughtfully. We also wanted to make sure that there were enough cabinets and display storage for their most important items while making sure to keep it light and beautiful.

The Process

Amber and David worked with one of our professional designers, Cristin Young. Together they met multiple times to discuss the size, budget, materials, colors, hardware and other important details.

Amber, David, and Cristin met in both their home and in one of our showrooms to measure their space and to choose their materials and finishes.

When any of our customers work with a professional designer, the process is the same. Our designers will meet with you in your home to measure your space and discuss your space and project. Our trained designers are experts at giving helpful input and design ideas while also listening to your wants and needs!

Amber and David chose beautiful white painted wood with modern gold hardware. Their closet design includes open shelving and glass cabinets to display their favorite items. It also includes individual closet compartments with hanging rods help to separate clothing of different colors and seasons. Thoughtful accessories were incorporated to help store hats, sunglasses and jewelry carefully.

After the closet design was created and approved by the homeowners, the template was sent to a local Classy Closets’ manufacturing facility where it was produced, painted and made. After each piece was finished, our professional installers installed the final product in their home!

The ideas and design that Amber and David brought to the table, along with the professional help of their designer created a gorgeous masterpiece! This stunning closet incorporates high-quality materials with thoughtful design and David and Amber couldn’t have been happier.

Amber said,

“It’s beautiful! Everything has a space, which is so nice! You guys did amazing! It’s been so fun to get it organized and get it all set up!”

It was such a great opportunity to work with David and Amber and we are so thrilled with the final result. Our story is our customers, and we love when you love your new storage!

Each customer that works with a Classy Closets’ designer to create a custom storage solution for their home, gets individualized attention and help. Our process is centered around you!

We can’t wait to make your dream closet a reality! Schedule a free in-home consultation today!