Garage Cabinets & Workshops
Garage Cabinets & Workshops
Garage Cabinets & Workshops


We have a wide variety of garage cabinet and garage storage ideas for even the most demanding of garage owners!  

Choose from many different finishes and materials, design ideas and accessories to enhance the look and storage capabilities of your garage storage system.

Most importantly, we understand that you need a garage design that fits your storage wants and needs. One of our professional designers will meet with you to discuss storage ideas and together design the perfect garage for your home and family. We promise that each of our garage shelving systems is custom designed for each client. For example, we offer cabinets of different depths and heights intended explicitly for the measurements of your space. We don’t believe one-size-fits-all storage solutions!

Not only are our garage storage systems custom designed, but they are also built using the highest quality material available. Each of our interior cabinet shelves has a finished edge. Unlike many other garage storage solutions, there is no exposed particle board. Shelves come in two different thickness options: we have a standard ¾ inch shelf as well as an upgraded 1-inch depth shelf. Each shelf is fully adjustable for further customization. Adjust your new shelving systems up to 1.26 inches (up or down) to meet your specific storage needs. Your new garage cabinets can be built on legs or have a toe kick platform, depending on your preference. Each cabinet is wall mounted and screwed to interior studs to provide maximum stability of each cabinet. All doors come with spring-loaded internal hinges that will not wear out over time. We also offer a wide variety of handles for your cabinets to enhance the look of your garage.

For quality custom garage storage and organization ideas call and schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our professional design experts today!


We create custom garage storage solutions according to your exact needs and wants. A garage storage system isn’t one size fits all, and we want to take away your organization frustration!

Our garage storage systems feature:

Garage Cabinets: You need storage space for all your sports gear, holiday decorations, and family items. We can help you can create garage cabinets to your exact specifications. It doesn’t matter how tall or thick you want them! Each of our garage cabinets has shelves with no exposed particle board, and that is fully adjustable up to every 1.26 inches. You can also choose between 3/4 inch or 1 inch thick shelves.

Drawers: Everyone needs a few extra drawers for garage storage. Whether you need a place to store cords, screws or power tools, add some storage bins to your custom garage.

Omni Track Hangers and Baskets: Omni Track Garage Accessories provide an array of options including Garden Tool Hangers, Sports Equipment Hangers, Wire Baskets, Bike Hangers and more! Whatever garage accessories you need, we got them! Don’t create beautiful garage cabinets with no place to store your tools, sports equipment, and bikes! Add Omni-track accessories for the perfect garage storage.

Workbench: If you enjoy working in your garage and need a work surface to store your favorite tools, let us create the perfect custom workbench for you!

The possibilities are truly endless! Create the perfect garage storage system and garage cabinets for you, schedule an in-home consultation with a professional Classy Closets’ designer today.


When your job or your hobbies keep you working behind garage doors all day, then you need a custom storage system with a workbench! A Classy Closets’ custom workbench features:

Custom Sized Workbench: No matter the size of your garage and space, we can create a custom workbench to fit your needs. Do you need extra space for two work areas or perhaps a wider work area for woodworking? No matter how you use your workbench area- we can make sure it’s custom fit to your needs.

Workbench Accessories: You need a place to store your favorite tools. By adding accessories such as tool hangers or a pegboard, you can make sure that your workbench flows well with your hobbies.

Cabinets: Add cabinets above your workspace for added overhead garage storage and a place to store your favorite power tools.

Drawers: Add drawers to store cords, measuring tapes, small tools, and nails. Never have to stop what you’re doing and search for small items again. With added drawers for storage and organization, everything has a place.

To learn more about how you can create a custom workbench station in your new Classy Closets’ garage, schedule a free in-home consultation today and meet with one of our professional designers. A new garage awaits! We are so excited for you!


With Classy Closets’ custom garage cabinets, garage organization systems and accessories, your garage can be a clean and safe place for you to enjoy some of your favorite hobbies. Your garage doesn’t have to be your least favorite part of the house! With a Classy Closets garage organization system, everything can have a proper place. Each of the thoughtful garage accessories can help solve a problem area in your garage. For example  

Activity Hooks:  Multi-functional activity hooks are perfect for hanging your sports equipment, garden and yard tools, cords, and more great tools.

Garage Baskets:  Keep your car cleaning supplies, sports ball or shoes in a retractable basket that’s built-in to your garage storage cabinets.  Storage cabinets will make for easy access and better visibility.

Garden Hooks:  Store your garden tools in a safe and visible place by installing garden hooks in your customize garage storage organization system.

Workbench: A Classy Closets workbench keeps your tools and hardware safe and in a place that you are sure to find next time. Don’t worry about misplacing your hammer again! Several accessories can be added to customize your workbench to your exact wants and needs.

Cord Hangers: These perfectly designed hooks help to keep your cords tidy and untangled. So, reach for your cables and don’t worry about what condition you’ll find them in.

Bike Hangers:  Don’t let your bikes take over your garage! By installing bike racks and hangers, your bikes and your car can park in your garage together.

In designing a new garage organization system, carefully consider what garage accessories will assist you in keeping your garage clean and safe. A combination of any of these specialized garage accessories will help you keep your garage clean year round. No more spring cleaning, it will be clean and organized all year long.

For more information about our garage cabinets and garage organization systems, visit one of our showrooms today.