Wood countertops can be a great option for your home’s kitchen countertops! They offer an inviting, warm design while staying truly timeless. Classy Closets offers a wide range of countertop options, including wood. Learn more about our wood countertop options below:

Wood Countertop Material:

Typically, wood countertops are made from butcher block. Butcher block is made by taking straight cuts of wood and glueing them together in order to create thick slabs that provide a sturdy work surface.

Wood Countertop Maintenance:

Butcher block countertops typically require oiling every six months. This helps keep the wood protected and moisturized. Different woods come with different finishing oil recommendations and it’s best to follow the instructions of your installer. You will want to use the right type of oil, etc. Butcher block countertops are soft and stainable and require some maintenance.

Wood Countertop Uses:

You can cut and food prep on wood countertops. It has been used this way for many years, thus the name! Cutting and cooking on butcher block can leave marks, scratches and etchings with continued use. Some homeowners may like the “well-loved” look of this and others will want to treat and maintain their wood countertops more often.



  • Wood countertops add warmth and natural beauty.
  • Soft material that is easy on dishes and glasses.
  • If maintained properly, it’s a long lasting and durable choice.
  • Unlike laminate or solid-surface counters, wood countertops are repairable. Small nicks and burns can be lightly sanded and the surface reoiled.
  • Wood has natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.


  • Wood counters are not heat or stain resistant. 
  • Wood can swell and shrink in conditions of extreme dryness or humidity, which may cause cracking.
  • Excessive wetness makes the wood susceptible to rot and discoloration.
  • Butcher block requires some maintenance.

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