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We are passionate about creating custom closets that are specialized to fit your unique home, style, and budget!

No matter the size of your space, a custom storage solution designed with one of our professional designers will help to increase your storage space, organization, and peace of mind. When creating a design with one of our specialists, your space and storage needs will be assessed to establish maximum storage potential. Together you will design a fully customized storage system that is a perfect fit for you!

Choose from your preferred amount of hanging space, shelves, shoe storage, drawers, and cabinets. Add custom accessories such as a hamper or jewelry drawer and also choose from many design finishes, including lighting, material, color, and hardware.

With our wide range of custom possibilities, you don’t have to choose between functionality and beauty anymore. Create a fully customized, thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed closet today!

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Let us help you create the ultimate luxury closet!

A true luxury walk-in closet is the perfect mix of ample storage space and beautiful interior design. If you currently have an area that has standard shelving and you want to increase your storage and pick your material, finishes, and accessories than you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide variety of high-quality options to enhance any standard storage system into a glamorous dressing room.

Your new luxury storage space will be designed to your exact wants and specifications. Need more space for your favorite designer shoes? We can do that! Need a place to store all your favorite jewelry and valuables safely? We offer lockable jewelry drawers! Want glass cabinets to display your favorite items? No problem! The possibilities for your new luxury walk-in design are limitless!

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Walking into a clean and organized space is the best way to start your day! And a chaotic morning spent searching for your favorite pair of shoes or your lucky sweater, well, isn’t. Let us create a walk-in closet that will keep your mornings peaceful and efficient!

When you schedule a free design consultation with us, one of our professional designers will meet with you to discuss your storage needs and preferences. Together, you will create a storage space that is entirely custom to your unique wants and needs.

In your new walk-in closet, there will be a designated section for each of your belongings and finding that lucky sweater and favorite pair of shoes will be a breeze! Custom accessories, like belt racks, tie racks help store your much-used items. Built-in drawers and shelves will store your shirts and jeans so you can save dresser space in your bedroom. Laundry hampers and wire baskets will help keep your area easily clean and organized, so every morning is a good morning.

Our complimentary design consultation makes exploring your options risk-free. Call us for a free in-home consultation today.

Let us triple the amount of storage capacity in your small reach-in spaces! More than likely, your home is full of reach-in closets that are treasure troves of hidden storage potential! Walk-ins are the smaller, one-dimensional closets in your house that you cannot walk into. Reach-In’s typically come with standard shelving units that can make trying to store many belongings frustrating. However, an upgraded design can triple the amount of storage space and closet organization!

We offer a standardized design for reach-in’s under 96 inches wide. This standard design includes a double hang section, one long hang section, one shelf, and a short hang section with five adjustable shelves above.

Are you struggling with a messy and overstuffed child’s closet? We can help!

A storage solution that is thoughtfully designed for children should have space for all of their belongings including clothing, shoes, and toys. Adding extra drawers, shelves, and hanging rods according to your child’s custom storage needs will help increase closet organization and decrease daily stress.

Custom accessories like a laundry hamper and wire pull-out baskets will ensure that each of their belongings will have a designated space. Never search for your child’s soccer gear again! Whether it is a large or small space, let us make sure it’s an organized one!

Custom finishes such as colorful hardware and materials can add a playful touch to your child’s closet space. Our professional designers will make sure the area is functional and fun.

To complete your custom closet, you need to choose accessories that are just right for you! Accessories help to add a personal touch. You can choose from a wide variety of options depending on your needs. A few accessories for your new closet organization system include:

Jewelry Drawer: A velvet lined jewelry drawer will keep your favorite pieces of jewelry easily accessible and well protected. An insert divides the jewelry drawer into sections keeping your pieces separate and organized.

Belt & Tie Racks: To manage your belts and ties we provide both sliding and permanent hanging fixtures.

Valet Closet Rod: A valet is an adjustable extension rod. You can use it to display the day’s outfit, help you pack your vacation wardrobe or hold your dry cleaning until you can put it away.

Hooks: Further organize your space by incorporating hooks. Hooks provide a home for items like robes, handbags, scarves, and hats that would otherwise wind up on the floor.

Ironing Board: Available as a drawer insert or hanging on the wall an in-closet ironing board is great for last minute touch-ups.

Wardrobe lift: Allows you to fully utilize high ceiling space when you have an overhead height of ten feet or more.

Cedar liners: Cedar drawer liners protect your belongings from humidity and bugs. They also provide a pleasant scent.

We look forward to creating the perfect storage system full of your favorite accessories!

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