Terms, Conditions and Details for Contests and Offers

Contests and offers are limited to participants whose physical locations are within the limits of Maricopa Country, Arizona or Pinal Country, Arizona. Clients are encouraged to request all details and limitations that may apply to a given offer or contest prize. All contests and offers are subject to management’s discretion as to whether fulfillment of offer or provision of prize creates an additional and/or unexpected burden on our company.  If such is the case, management will make every effort to provide client with an alternative that does not create such a burden.  Offers and prizes cannot be assumed to include installation unless explicitly stated.  Offers and prizes should be assumed to have limited/restricted configurations, colors, finishes, materials, etc. unless explicitly stated otherwise.  For example, a percentage or dollar-off offer should be assumed to apply to only a certain color or colors or certain type of cabinet unless otherwise stated.