Part One: Initial Design Meeting

Congratulations on scheduling an appointment with Classy Closets!

Now that you have scheduled a meeting with a Classy Closets designer, you are probably wondering what to expect and the best way to prepare for your appointment. 

We want to make sure your initial design appointment goes as well as possible, so we’ve compiled some helpful information and tips. This information has been collected from our professional designers. We asked them what would be helpful for clients to know about their first appointment!

Example of a Custom Closet Design Plan by Classy Closets’ Designer

Custom Closet Plans by Classy Closets

Important Information about Your First Appointment

  • The initial appointment will happen in your home. After your appointment has been scheduled, a designer will meet with you in your home to measure your space and discuss your project. The reason it is best for a designer to come to your home is that each Classy Closets’ design is custom to your home and space. A designer can most accurately measure, design and price your project when they have seen your space. 
  • Come with a budget in mind. It is important that you share your budget with your designer. This will ensure that the design will best meet your wants and needs. Based on your budget, the designer will suggest specific designs for your space. No matter your budget, we will create the perfect design for you!
  • Bring ideas to the table. Have a good idea of what you want in your home. Bring pictures of colors, styles, and details that you like. Houzz, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great resources to find images to show your designer. Before you meet with your designer, ask yourself these questions:
  1. What do I want this space to be used for? 
  2. What needs to be stored here and how?
  3. What do I want it to look like?
  4. What are my ‘must-haves’ and ‘can’t-stands’?
  • Visiting a showroom may be helpful. If there is a showroom in your area, it may be a good idea to visit it before your designer comes to your home. Visiting the showroom will give you a very good idea about what types of materials, styles, and designs we offer. 
  • Give your designer as much information as possible. When you schedule an appointment, let us know if this is your first time meeting with us, if this is modifications to existing storage space, remodel or a new build. All of this information will be helpful to the designer and will help ensure the best appointment possible.