Working with Classy Closets: Installation

Now that you’ve had your initial design meeting with a Classy Closets’ designer and created your custom cabinets, it’s time for the manufacturing and installation process to begin. Once you have signed off on the final designs and details of your project with your professional designer, your cabinets will be manufactured and installed by the Classy Closets team. We are excited to begin the installation of your new Classy Closets’ custom cabinets!

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Installation: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about your installation? You can learn more about our Installation Process by reading the FAQ’s below:

What happens when my project is ready to be installed? Will I be reminded of my appointment?

Your installation date will be scheduled by a Classy Closets scheduling representative and confirmed with you. We commit to a specific installation date(s) and have a 95% on-time delivery record. Installation dates are confirmed via email, text, or phone about 5 days prior to your installation.

Do you use sub-contractors for installation?

No. All Classy Closets installers are employees of the company. A lead installer with a minimum of 2 years of company experience is on every job. Our average head installer at Classy Closets has worked for us over 10 years. Generally, our installers work in pairs with a head installer and a helper. All installers are drug tested, have been through a criminal background check, along with the Department of Motor Vehicle background check.

How long does it take to get a closet installed?

Most closet installations are done in one day, however, depending on the size of the closet a large closet could take as long as a week. We will let you know beforehand the number of days we will be at your home installing your closets or any another project.

Will you remove my existing closet?

We do remove your existing closet. We also patch and touch up the paint where your closet was removed. However, we do not repaint your entire closet. For a detailed example of a Classy Closets’ closet removal, please watch this video:

Removing Your Old Closet, here.

What can I do to prepare for my closet installation?

Please remove all personal items and belongings from the project space. This includes clothing, books, shoes, papers, etc. We will need the space to be empty so that our installers can immediately begin to tear out (when applicable) and installation.

We look forward to working with you and hope you feel prepared for the installation of your project. To learn more about how to begin working with Classy Closets, read Part One: Initial Design Process blog here.

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Schedule a free in-home consultation with Classy Closets now. We look forward to working with you!