Helping After Hurricane Harvey

In October 2017 the owners of Classy Closets Tucson loaded up their trucks and headed east to Katy, TX to help a family affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Katy, Texas lies 30 miles west of Houston on the outermost ring of the bustling megalopolis. It is a straight shot on Interstate 10 from Tucson. Although the drive is over a thousand miles, the 15-hour drive didn’t bother owner and CEO of Classy Closets Tucson, Joseph Bowers. He was ready to help a family in need with a tape measure on his belt and a smile on his face.

O’ Bannon Family: When Hurricane Harvey swallowed up the metropolitan Houston area a couple months ago, the O’Bannon family thought their home was a total loss. Three straight days of torrential rain brought six feet of water filling the streets of suburban Katy and forcing the evacuation of the entire city.

The O’Bannons didn’t evacuate that Sunday when the storm hit hoping that if they moved everything upstairs it would be fine. Monday morning an uncle and cousin, Andre and Craig Krapcha, from neighboring San Antonio rode jet skis on the city streets to rescue the stranded family.

It was nearly a week after the rains stopped before the roads once again became passable and residents returned to their neighborhood to survey the damages. Daniel O’Bannon, an architectural engineer by trade, was ready to get back and see what was left behind. O’Bannon had to cut out the drywall up to four feet in most areas and pull up the once-beautiful hardwood floors. Thankfully, for O’Bannon, another cousin, Robert Stutlz, from neighboring Albuquerque is an expert in hanging drywall and could assist with transforming the house back into a home.

Classy Closets Tucson Steps In: After the drywall went back up and the plumbing started running through the house, it was time for Jospeh Bowers of Classy Closets to visit and draw up the designs for all new cabinetry and storage areas throughout the home.

After the cabinets were designed and manufactured, Bowers drove to the Chandler production facility of Classy Closets to receive all the lumber, countertops and drawers to complete the installation. Together he and his business partner, Tim Conner and warehouse associate, Nathan Penley, drove to Katy, TX to install the project and help restore the O’Bannon home.

The experience was a special one for all involved! Classy Closets of Tucson loves taking care of the people of southern Arizona but when tragedy struck, they felt called to help the O’Bannon family of Katy, TX.