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The word custom is often associated with quality, uniqueness and at Classy Closets; personalized service paired with exceptional craftsmanship and products. We pride ourselves in bringing originality, skilled expertise, unmatched customer service and the highest quality products to the custom closet, kitchen and bath experience.

Our custom products differ from cookie-cutter megastore closets and kitchens in a number of ways, beginning with design and fabrication processes. The customized experience we offer our customers begins the moment one of our friendly designers enters your home and begins incorporating your closet design ideas, hopes and vision into the design process. From the global details like your closet's shape and size, to the more intricate details of the closet drawers and handles, our designers and fabricators want you to be 100% satisfied with your custom closet. To ensure your satisfaction, our products are custom designed and fabricated with only the finest materials.

Our selection of customizable products ranges from breathtaking varieties of stone countertops, to beautiful hardwood closets. We spare no expense in bringing in the finest quality materials from all over the world, and then custom-fabricating those in one of our local shops to create exceptional products that are custom-fit to our customers' specific needs.

Classy Closets provides customers with the most up to date and stylish closet and kitchen designs by working with the world's top fabrication and material companies and travelling the globe, searching for innovative closet design ideas and the latest, most efficient fabrication machines.

Our showrooms offer a large sampling or quality products and materials that you can see and experience firsthand. In our showroom you will have the opportunity to see the wood, stone, closet drawers, knobs, cabinets and much more to ensure you know exactly what will be in your home.

Call or stop by one of our showrooms today to experience the Classy Closet difference today.

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