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You, our valued customer, are our highest priority and our greatest asset! Referrals from our customers and repeat business account for the majority of the work we do at Classy Closets. We continually strive to provide you with unparallelled service. Our designers are obsessed with finding beautiful solutions-for you. They are part interior designer, part mind- reader, part engineer and part efficiency expert. The most important thing to them is to create a solution that thrills you and supports you. You will find an expansive selection of products offered by our designers. We differentiate our custom solutions by price point, design features, and production time, making it easy for you to choose what suits your lifestyle. All three provide more space and storage in every room of your home, which ultimately leads to more freedom, more time and more good times. And we build to last a lifetime. Guaranteed.

We pride ourselves in providing you with uncompromising quality. Classy Closets uses only the highest-grade materials including thermo-fused melamine as well as oak, maple, and alder veneers. Our production system employs computerized manufacturing equipment that follows the European 32mm standard, making our products compatible with all Euro hardware and allowing for the most flexible space designs and total component adjustability.

Custom Home Builders and Remodelers

Whether you just need a bid on a job, or for us to take care of your most particular customer, we are here to make your job easier. When you refer your customers to us, you can rest assured that we will give them unparalleled service, uncompromising quality, and an expansive selection of products for any room in the home. We can take care of all their storage needs, all this as well as offer offer the best price in town.

Production Home Builders

Whether you need us to bid a variety of options for a group of model homes or take care of your most particular customer, we are here to make your job easier. When you consider Classy Closets to do the bid for your neighborhood, you can rest assured you will receive unparalleled service, uncompromising quality, and an expansive selection of products for any room in the the home. We can provide a variety of options for your homes, ranging from basic standard designs for every home to large custom upgrades for the most particular customer. Our goal is to make life easier for the office personnel, the sales department, and the superintendents in the field. With many crews working all over the southwest daily, we have the connections and resources to handle almost any home building schedule.

Commercial Contractors

Classy Commercial Cabinetry is a division of Classy Closets that provides custom cabinetry, millwork, and casework to General Contractors and owners of commercial projects. Our jobs range from the small TI installation to the million dollar high rise project. We have the manpower and experience to meet project deadlines and complete our projects on time and at the highest quality. Classy Closets Commercial Division is committed to being a leader in design innovation, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and quality installations.

Our Commercial Projects Include:

We offer a variety of wood and wood veneer materials crafted and finished in our own state of the art manufacturing buildings by our experienced team of finishers and woodworkers. In addition to our wood products, we offer high pressure laminate exteriors as well as theromofused melamine, both with a 3/4" industrial grade core. We use a machine applied edgebanding in flat, 180 degree full radius, or 3mm solid. Our cabinetry is built using a 32mm manufacturing system to ensure a precision final product. We have a wide choice of materials available to meet varying design requirements.

Interior Designers

Bring your clients to our showroom and show them the exciting options they have for their home. Use our conference room to meet with your clients, you are welcome any time. We value the relationship we have with Interior Designers and your clients. Your clients will receive the best service and attention you can imagine, along with the most competitive prices. We will always be happy to also work directly with the client or with you - the Interior Designer.

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