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Design & Organization Ideas for Every Home

Design & Organization Ideas for Every Home

Your kitchen pantry is probably one of the rooms you use the very most! Before and after each snack or meal, you take time in your pantry to remove and replace household items and food. A custom designed kitchen pantry will provide you with essential storage and organization.

We design pantries that are easy to organize and easy to maintain. Our professional designers will create the best storage solutions for whatever your needs whether you have a small or large space. Are you having a hard time finding your kitchen appliances that are lost in a sea of other household kitchen items? Is your older food getting pushed to the back instead of your cabinets? Are you always searching for the right canned goods? An organized kitchen dining room pantry can help make sure that doesn’t happen anymore.

Our professional designers have been creating custom kitchen storage for many years and they have expert design and organizations ideas and tips. Once you’ve scheduled your free in-home consultation with one of our designers, you will meet with them. A designer will assess and measure your space, discuss your storage wants and needs and with your input, create a pantry that is perfect for your style and budget.

There are many options to consider when designing your new project. Some of those options include:

  • Open Shelving: In an area where items are continually removed and replaced, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. Open shelving will help store your most used kitchen items, including utensils, small kitchen appliances, and food. Custom shelving will double or triple the current amount of space. Standardized shelving often doesn’t maximize the amount of storage space available in your home. Currently, you may have four or five non-adjustable shelves and that just won’t cut it! Our shelving is fully-adjustable and is simple to move up or down every 1.26 inches to create the height of the shelf that is best for you.
  • Linen Pantry: Create a specific pantry to store your linens, tablecloths, napkins and any other materials that need to be stored safely and carefully.
  • Cabinets: Store essential kitchen non-food items by adding cabinets. Cabinets help to keep things in their proper place and can help store the things you don’t use as often or that you may want to protect. Cabinets can also help to cover your storage and help make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Drawers: Designing drawers into your new kitchen storage is a wonderful idea! Just as you already do in your kitchen, you can store smaller utensils and keep them tucked away until you need to use them next.
  • Accessories: One of the benefits of creating custom storage with us is that you can add essential accessories to your space. A pantry that is filled with only shelves wouldn’t help address some of the largest storage issues. Consider some of the many accessories we offer:
  • Wire Baskets: Wire baskets are perfect for storing potatoes, onions and other heavy food items that can not be stored in air-tight cabinets. Wire baskets make it easy to see what you’re storing and are quickly accessible.
  • Hide-a-way Trash Can: Install a trash can that is concealed by cabinets and it will not be visible in your kitchen or pantry. This is a great way to keep things looking more clean and streamlined.
  • Canned Good Rotation Rack: Canned goods are often pushed to the back of the pantry and forgotten about until after they expire. With a canned-good rotation rack, your oldest canned good will roll forward and you will place your newest canned goods in the back.
  • Utility Hooks: Add utility hooks to hang your mop, broom, vacuum, aprons and more! No pantry is complete without utility hooks to help hang your much-used items.
  • Wine Rack: Install a wine rack for storing and displaying your vintage wines and their accessories.
  • Countertop Space: Create countertop space above your pantry cabinets to aid in food prep, storage, and cooking. Custom countertop space will significantly improve the functionality of your storage by creating a designated workplace.

Your new custom pantry can also be designed in the material, color, finish, and style that you want. You can also add custom hardware of your choosing. If you want a sleek and clean white melamine material with brass hardware, we can do that! If you’d like a textured-wood grain melamine with silver hardware, we can also do that! With well over 50 colors, materials, and hardware choices to decide from, you can have a functional and beautiful pantry.

Pantries are the perfect home improvement for any home and will significantly increase the functionality and organization of your day-to-day life. Schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our designers today and begin creating the pantry of your dreams. Whether your space is small or large, you can still double or triple the amount of your current storage space, streamline your most-utilized storage area, and create a beautiful budget-friendly pantry with us.

Together let’s build a pantry that will help keep your cooking and kitchen storage more streamlined and organized.

Schedule a free in-home consultation with us designer today!