Love your Laundry Room!

Do you dread going into your laundry room? You don’t have to! We can help you design a modern laundry room oasis!

As we dive into Spring Cleaning this month, we can’t leave out the laundry room! This room is often one of peoples least favorite rooms in their home, but it doesn’t have to be!

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There are a few simple organizational details and designs that can keep your laundry room cabinets and shelves clean and help eliminate clutter quickly.

When designing a laundry room with us, there are a few things that you can add to ensure that you’re creating an organized space! Our custom laundry room idea solutions include custom cabinets, wall shelves, counter space, laundry sink and more.

Get Some Inspiration…

Check out this recent laundry room project by Classy Closets, for more great ideas on how to spruce up your laundry and utility space:

A Few Design Ideas from Classy Closets

Cabinets: Add as many cabinets as your wall space allows!  Cabinet boxes are available in extended sizes and do not have to be one-size-fits-all. Laundry closets above your washer and dryer will store your laundry soap, cleaning supplies and mismatched socks. Don’t allow your laundry supplies to crowd your laundry room and make you feel overwhelmed. Cabinets will help keep everything in their proper destination.

Hanging Space: Add hanging rods to your laundry room design and hang your favorite belongings as soon as they leave the dryer and skip the ironing. Hanging your clothing will help keep your laundry room clean and clutter-free.

Countertop Space: Don’t forget to design ample countertop space for your laundry room so that you have a designated area to fold your laundry. Even if you have a small space, we will be able to create countertop space to help with laundry efficiency.

Accessories: Add pull-out laundry hampers, an ironing board hanger, and multi-purpose hooks in your laundry room and streamline your organization.

Washing Station: Add a washing station (extra sink) to help wash your dirtiest laundry jobs before putting them in the washing machine and dryer.

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