Our 5 Favorite Design Trends of 2017

2017 is here and well on its way! Just like each new year, it has ushered in some exciting and beautiful home design trends. Always one of our favorite reads – we’ve scoured high and low and searched our favorite design voices to find a list of 5 of our favorite 2017 design trends so far.

Houzz is one of our favorite home design websites. Offering millions of home design photos, ideas and recommendations, they are a powerhouse in the design community. Based on their article, “

Top Ten Home Design Trends in 2017” – we’ve chosen our top favorite trend:


Satin brass is a brushed or muted metal that offers a warm, non-reflective finish to your home, without the high price tag of other metal finishes. Hardware has long been hailed as more than just an afterthought and instead helps to pull your entire design-style together.

This Classy Closets’ kitchen features matte brass kitchen accessories for just the perfect touch:

We love the way this Classy Closets’ client styled her white closet with brass hardware:

Trend #2 comes from House Beautiful, “7 Trends That’ll Be in for 2017


Marble is in for 2017! Although mable has never really been out, it’s making a big entrance again this year. As a design staple in beautiful spaces for generations, marble adds instant elegance and quality. Marble can be added to almost any space in your home: kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, home offices and even closets!

Below are some of our favorite Classy Closets’ designs that feature marble:

Vogue’s article “10 Home Decor Trends to Look For in 2017” (and almost every other Top Ten list we looked at) let us know another big trend this year is going to be…


We’ve been huge fans of green for a long time, so we love that green is finally getting the love it deserves. You won’t have to look far to see a lot of green interiors this year. From light olive green to jewel-toned jade green, green will be blowing up your Pinterest feed in 2017!

We love the way this Classy Closets’ customer created a muted olive mudroom:

2016 was the year of design minimalism. Lots of neutral colors, clean lines and gray paint (which we still love!). However, 2017 may answer back with pops of color, wallpaper and layered design. Our next trend comes from The Decorist’s “Home Decor Trends of 2017.”


“Contrary to minimalism we are seeing much more maximalism. Gone are the super clean, plain, unadorned rooms of the past few years. Lines remain clean but prints are layered in and colors pop. More is more and it’s super fun.” – The Decorist

The image below highlights the feeling and design of maximalism:

Finally, we close our list with a design trend that’s been around for centuries in Scandonavia and is making a major splash in the United States. So much so that Pinterest predicts it as a major home trend in 2017: Pinterest Predicts the Hottest Home Trends of 2017.

5. HYGGE (pronounced hoo-ga or hue-gah)

So, what is hygee? Hygee has been explained as a feeling of comfort, joy in the simple and natural, togetherness or cosiness.

The Lux Pad describes it:

“Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah’, the word is becoming increasingly recognisable and was originally a Norwegian term for wellbeing. Developed into a concept and way of living by the Danish in the 18th century when it first appeared in writings of the time, the country hasn’t looked back since. Hygge is the art form of creating intimacy in any given moment. Normally a social occasion for loved ones to get together to experience the comradeship, warmth and contentment of the event, it can also be enjoyed alone to calm the nerves and sooth the senses. An idea which not only breaches weather and seasonal barriers but also social ones, it is something everyone in Denmark partakes in and it has spread through to every aspect of Scandinavian living to become a part of the national consciousness. Appreciating the small joys in life at all times, hygge followers have tapped into a source of happiness which the rest of the world can greatly benefit from in an ever-evolving technological society.”

(Read more from the Lux Pad and tips and tricks for hygee design here)

Although difficult to explain the concept of hygee, once you see interiors with this design, you’ll understand it immediately:

Image Found at UGG

Image Found at Amara

Image Found at Amara

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of favorite design trends in 2017. We are curious what trends you are loving, hating or hoping to see come back again? Let us know!

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