Collaboration with Sam Anthony

2017 was a fun year for us at Classy Closets! We had some exciting new adventures and had the opportunity to work with lots of wonderful influencers and bloggers to collaborate and create beautiful, stylish closets. Each of our new clients took a thoughtful and unique approach as they collaborated with us to design a closet that fit their individual needs.

One of our favorite projects in 2017 was working on a fun and stylish closet with Sam Anthony, (@SamuelAnthony). Sam and his partner, Erik (@CasualFridaze51), run a lifestyle blog: Based in Phoenix, Arizona Sam and Erik keep their followers up to date on events, fashion, food and drink and travel. Read more about his thoughts on working with Classy Closets, here: The French Toast Blog

As a lifestyle blogger, Sam Anthony has a large amount of clothing and accessories. His extra bedroom was overflowing with belongings and he found he was short on storage space everywhere. One of our professional designers sat down with Sam and created a design that would transform his extra bedroom into a walk in closet. The goal was to create a closet that had room for all his current belongings and extra space for growth.

Sam said of his experience with Classy Closets: “I love how it looks, it’s absolutely beautiful. I also love that everything is organized and in one place instead of overflowing out of five separate closets; like it was before. It was an exciting experience, I loved how hands-on the designer was and how he really took the time to listen to my needs and walk me through options that I didn’t even know existed. I recommend Classy Closets all the time and still receive DM’s and emails asking about it.”

Sam’s modern and unique style combined with the design expertise of Classy Closets created a one-of-a-kind closet. Check out the collaboration below: