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Murphy Beds & Wall Bed Ideas and Designs

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you had just one more bedroom to use for family and holiday guests? Yeah, we get it! Consider installing a wall bed into your home office, playroom or any room in your home with a space large enough for a pull-down bed frame.

A Murphy bed, or wall bed, is just what it sounds like! Quite literally, it is a bed that is attached to your wall and that can easily be pulled down for use or pushed back up for extra space in important rooms.

Many times, a wall bed is encased in large cabinet doors so that it looks like a storage cabinet in your home and not a bed hanging on the wall.

Installing one of our top-of-the-line wall bed (or Murphy bed) will save you floor space in your favorite rooms, honor the primary purpose of the room and also create a double-duty room that has two purposes in one. A wall bed can turn any room in your home into an instant bedroom for holiday guests and family that stopped in for a visit. Easily accommodate out-of-town guests or create a dual purpose in any room in your home!

Each of our wall beds is high-quality and custom designed to meet the needs of your space and will help to maximize your storage space. One of our designers will come to your home to assess and measure your space and give you advice on where exactly to put a wall bed. We will make sure that the layout of the room still makes sense with the added wall bed and that it’s not a cumbersome or in the way of important space.

Many times, our customers will install a wall bed in a craft room, guest room (so that space can be used for other purposes as well), or even the home office. Installing a wall bed in one of these areas will help create a space that has dual-purposes and help to maximize the space in your home.

After you schedule a free in-home consultation with Classy Closets, one of our professional designers will meet with you and help to find the perfect size and place for your new wall bed. We will also discuss design options, such as:

Materials:  Whether you are trying to create a traditional-style wall bed cabinet made of wood or you’d like a modern style, we have endless material choices for you to make your selection! Not only do we have a number of different material options, but our materials also come in a wide selection of different colors and finishes.

Colors/Finishes:  Choose from a selection of wood stains and paint colors to find the perfect one for your wall bed cabinet. Whether you are in search of wood stains, painted wood or melamine, we have endless options to choose from.

Styles:  Classy Closets offers an array of cabinet styles to hide your wall bed. Whether you are in search of a more simplistic cabinet style or you are searching for an ornate style, our many different design options are sure to satisfy.

Just like any of Classy Closets’ other storage solutions, you have the option to choose between some different finishes, stains, sizes, and materials. Whether you want to match the current finish of your room or find a complementary color to accent your room, we have many possibilities to help you make the perfect match.

A great addition to home offices, spare bedrooms or even a kid’s bedroom, consider a custom wall bed and create a true multi-tasker. We are excited that you’re considering a space-saving wall bed!

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