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Design the ultimate custom media center with us!

Often times your entertainment center is the gathering place of your home. Whether sitting down to watch TV as a family, watching a big sports game or playing music on your smart TV while you spend time together, a lot happens around your media center!

Therefore, it’s important to create a custom media center that not only meets all of your storage and display needs, but that is also custom designed to fit your style and your budget.

Creating a beautiful custom built entertainment center with built-in bookcases, a tv stand, and storage space doesn’t have to break the bank!

You will meet with one of our professional designers to create your new custom media center. Together with their design expertise and your preferences, you will create the media center of your dreams.

When you are designing your custom home entertainment center, there is a lot of things to consider! This home decor piece is a focal point in your home that everyone will see and that you will spend a lot of time around. Classy Closets can help you design and install the perfect entertainment or media center that you and all your guests will enjoy!

There are many designs and options for your media/entertainment center. Consider some of these customized options:

Material:  Whether you are trying to create a traditional-style media center made of wood or you’d like a modern semi-gloss style, we have endless material choices for you to make your perfect selection! Not only do we have a number of different material options, but our materials also come in a wide selection of different colors and finishes.

Colors/Finishes:  Choose from a selection of wood stains and paint colors to find the perfect one for your new media center. Whether you are in search of traditional wood stains, painted wood or blue or white high-gloss thermofoil, we have endless options to choose from.

Styles:  Classy Closets offers an array of cabinet styles to help create an entertainment center that fits your style. Whether you are in search of a more simplistic Shaker cabinet style or you are searching for an ornate Italian style design, our many different design options are great options for any media center.

Design: Our design options are pretty much limitless! Do you want a built-in TV unit that is 80 inches? Or maybe you prefer that your TV is covered by cabinets? Do you want built-in shelves for storage and display? Do you want floor-to-ceiling cabinets so that you can store in your living room? Whatever your wants and needs, we can accomplish it!

Cabinet Options: Add as many cabinets as your wall space allows!  Cabinet boxes are available in extended sizes and do not have to be one-size-fits-all. Storage cabinets to the side of your TV will store your movies, books, DVD players, cords and more.

Whether it is a free-standing unit for your flat screens or TV consoles or beautiful built-in cabinets customized and made for a particular place in your home, we can design and build the perfect look for the space you have available.

When you meet with your designer, all of these things will be taken into consideration. When measuring your space we take into consideration the size of your television, the space needed for your components and your storage needs. We will discuss all of your requirements and will then create the perfect built-in wall cabinets!

We can also match your existing cabinetry or create a whole new look for your new custom piece. We offer material options for every budget.  You’ll have over 50 different color choices of thermo-fused melamine, stained wood, and painted wood so that you can pick the one that’s right for you and your home.

Our designers can make a media center for every budget. For a less expensive option, we can use melamine for the entire project. For a middle-expense project, we can do the outside of the cabinets in wood and the interior of the cabinets in melamine. If you choose to use melamine for the interior only, the doors, drawer faces and moldings would be solid wood and stained to match the interior color. If you have a specific color in mind, we can match that color by using wood on the entire project that we could stain or paint a custom color. For a highly custom project, you can choose to make the entire media center out of wood.

Depending on the amount of time you have available and the complexity of the job, your designer may draw up a design and give you a price during the appointment at your home, or schedule a secondary meeting in your home or at one of our showrooms to review your drawings. During this visit, details may be finalized and decorative features and accessories selected. Upon receipt of an order, your installation date is set and the job is moved on to engineering and production.

After you and your designer have met with each other, measured your space, discussed storage needs and decided on a style and budget for your media center, your project will be manufactured and installed by us. Our highly-trained installation crews will come to your home and install your new media center using high-quality and careful installation methods unique to us. We make sure that once your project has been designed perfectly, it is also installed perfectly! We want you to love your new media center for years to come!

The options are endless and with the help of one of our professional designers, we can simplify the process and create the perfect custom piece that will last a lifetime!

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