Laundry & Utility Rooms
Laundry & Utility Rooms
Laundry & Utility Rooms


The laundry and utility rooms don’t have to be your least favorite rooms in the house!  With the aid of a designer, you can create rooms that help to keep you on top of your laundry and other storage or organization tasks.

Our design team will help you layout and design many functional laundry room ideas.  We will make sure that your laundry area, whether large or small, will keep your Life. Organized.®

Design ideas might include any of the following features:

  • Cabinets: Add as many cabinets as your wall space allows!  Cabinet boxes are available in extended sizes and do not have to be one-size-fits-all. Laundry closets above your washer and dryer will store your laundry soap, cleaning supplies and mismatched socks. Don’t allow your laundry supplies to crowd your laundry room and make you feel overwhelmed. Cabinets will help keep everything in their proper destination.
  • Hanging Space: Add hanging rods to your laundry room design and hang your favorite belongings as soon as they leave the dryer and skip the ironing. Hanging your clothing will help keep your laundry room clean and clutter-free.
  • Countertop Space: Don’t forget to design ample countertop space for your laundry room so that you have a designated area to fold your laundry. Even if you have a small space, we will be able to create countertop space to help with laundry efficiency.
  • Accessories: Add pull-out laundry baskets, an ironing board hanger, and multi-purpose hooks in your laundry room and streamline your organization.
  • Washing Station: Add a washing station (extra sink) to help wash your dirtiest laundry jobs before putting them in the washing machine and dryer.

The most important thing to consider when designing your new laundry room is your space and the things you consider a necessity.

Do you have a large laundry room with ample space for storage? Consider adding a small mudroom for backpacks, seasonal clothes, and shoes. A large laundry room can play double-duty and become even more efficient than before. Add cabinet storage and hanging rods for jackets and winter clothing. Add hooks for backpacks and purses. Add wire baskets to house any outdoor equipment that you don’t want in your garage. When you have a large laundry room, the opportunities for storage are endless! Consider adding a washing station, or an extra sink, to help wash out your dirtiest messes. Adding a washing station will help keep your laundry room cleaner from dirt and mud! Consider adding accessories, such as a built-in laundry hamper and wire baskets to help store your messy clothes somewhere besides the ground.

Do you have a small laundry space with no storage? Utilizing your small laundry room by implementing cabinets and storage accessories will help you to feel like you’ve got a larger laundry room than in reality. By adding custom cabinets, you can triple the amount of storage found in your laundry area. Add cabinets above your front loading washer and tumble dryer to store items you need for successfully accomplishing your laundry tasks. Utilize any additional space by implementing other storage accessories such as a laundry hamper, wire basket or built-in trash can.

Imagine this…a stress-free, clutter-free laundry room that is consistently ready to be fully utilized as a laundry room. By creating a design with us, we can make sure that your laundry room is fully-customized for your personal organizational needs.

Now, imagine this… a stress-free, clutter-free laundry room that is aesthetically pleasing! Not only can we design an area that is organized, but we can also create custom rooms that are beautiful! Choose from a number of materials, finishes, and hardware and combine them to design a laundry room that fits your unique style, space, and budget. Each of our unique materials and colors can be combined to enhance your home’s beauty.

We are excited that you will soon have the laundry room you’ve been dreaming of! Remember, you can enjoy spending time in your laundry room when it is organized, functional and beautiful. By combining cabinets, countertop space, and accessories to fit your home’s unique space and your unique needs, we will create the perfect laundry room for you!

For a free in-home consultation with one of our professional designers, give us a call today. Let’s turn your laundry room into a place you actually love to be!