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What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started creating a beautiful, custom kitchen for you today! We have been creating masterpieces for over 30 years and we look forward to working with you on your new kitchen, remodel or refacing today.

Our custom line of storage organization systems extends to the kitchen! Now you won’t have to choose between beautiful or functional, you can have both! Whether you are looking for a refresh or you are building a new home, one of our professional designers will meet with you for an in-home consultation. Together you will design the perfect kitchen for you, your home and your budget!

Consider some of these great options:

Custom Kitchen: In a new space, you will choose the layout, material, finishes, and hardware in order to create the kitchen of your dreams! We have an extensive variety of material, accessories, hardware and price points in order to create a kitchen that fits your unique style, home, and budget!

Refacing: Classy Closets can reface your current cabinets to change the material, finish and style of cupboards. A small refacing refresh can dramatically change the look and style of your current space.

We look forward to meeting with you and beginning the remodel process! Schedule an appointment for a design consultation today.


When creating a new kitchen, the design process begins by assessing the layout and its storage potential. Each space in your home, especially the cooking area, has areas waiting to be designed and optimized. We provide custom cabinetry and cabinet boxes that are designed exactly to your home’s measurements, providing a truly custom experience.

When you schedule an in-home consultation, one of our designers will meet with you to begin the process of designing and transforming your kitchen. Each of our professional designers understands how to best maximize every bit of space for adding extra storage. During our Free Design Consultation we’ll discuss your wants and needs, choose from an endless array of materials, finishes, and accessories and together we’ll create your perfect kitchen. After the design has been accomplished our professional cabinet installers will finish your project!


Your new kitchen isn’t complete without a custom designed island! Adding an island to your design is the perfect way to amp up your remodeling project:

More Storage Space: An island creates automatic storage space in the center of your home. It’s a great place to store food or cooking ware. Never search for more storage space in your kitchen- install a custom island by Classy Closets.

Extra Counter Space: Adding an island is the best way to create more counter space in your kitchen. Don’t look for a place to chop, cook and store any longer!

Customize your Classy Closets’ custom island by choosing from a selection of accessories including shelving, storage racks, soft close drawers, hidden trash can, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Call to schedule a free in-home consultation today! Let’s begin designing your dream kitchen!


If you want to do a kitchen remodeling project but don’t want to start from scratch, a cabinet refacing is a great way to give your home a quick refresh!

What is a kitchen cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is when the material is applied to your currently existing cabinets and drawer faces to give your room an instant and inexpensive face-lift.

What‘s the Classy Closets difference?

Classy Closets takes a unique approach to refacing cabinets. We start by covering the exposed cabinet areas with a 0.25-inch solid wood that is stained or painted to match the new door and drawer face color. Instead of using the old cabinet door and drawer faces, we create a new solid wood door or drawer face that is stained and or painted so there is a consistent match in style, texture, material, and color.

Should I consider refacing my current cabinets?

If you want a fresh and updated look for your kitchen, like your current layout and don’t want to spend the money to do a complete kitchen redesign- refacing your kitchen cabinets is a great option for you.

For more information about the process, cost and benefits of cabinet refacing, schedule a free in-home appointment today.