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To work efficiently in your home office, you need an atmosphere that is well organized will easily stay that way. After all, who wants to add more work to their workspace?

If you’re currently suffering from a messy office desk that is cluttered with essential documents and unopened mail and overflowing drawers full of paperclips and files, let us help you! Our professional designers have years of experience creating workspaces that work for you. Our custom home office designs are:

Intuitive and Thoughtful: It’s common for each person to have their very own workflow. Your workflow is a personal process that works just for you: you know how you like to do things, what order you prefer to address work issues and what you need to work at your highest level of efficiency. Your home office functions much the same. Together you and your designer will create a space that aligns with your approach to your work. Do you need space for two computer screens or a file drawer close enough to you to quickly grab? Do you prefer a work space that is farther away from your computer to prevent distraction and built-in drawers with your pens and notepads within arms reach? There are many things to consider when building your contemporary home office. Our years of experience and knowledge will help make sure your home office is just right for you!

Easily Organized: It can be frustrating to clean your home office only to have it become messy again in a few days. You’ll want to create a home office with the right amount of shelving and cabinets, drawers and, accessories to make sure that everything has a place and can be easily cleaned and will stay that way. Shelving and cabinets will help store your notebooks, paper, printer ink, and other large items. Drawers can help store smaller things like paper clips and writing utensils. While accessories, like file drawers and drawer organizers, help keep

Functional and Beautiful: Not only is your new home office design going to be efficient and functional, but it’s also going to be aesthetically pleasing. Choose from many materials, finishes, and hardware to create the perfect home office for you.

Multi-Tasking: Consider adding a wall-bed, bookshelves or a double desk in your office for creating a multi-functional space. If you’re limited on space in your home, adding a wall bed in your home office will generate an instant guest room for those holiday visitors. Bookshelves and a double desk will help your home office workspace double as a library and homework space for kids. The options are endless!

When you schedule your free in-home consultation, one of our designers will discuss with you all home office ideas and determine your wants and requirements. We understand that each of our customers has different needs and that’s why we create an interior design with custom office space and storage solution for each of our customers.

A few options for your home office area:

Desktop: Create the right size desk for your needs. Consider a small desk with more cabinet space or perhaps a larger desk with room enough for two chairs. Evaluate your needs and decide how large or small you’d like your desktop. You can also consider different materials, like hardwood, quartz or granite. The size of your desktop and material will help create the perfect home office space.

Cord Hideaway: Cords are hidden easily in a Classy Closets home office design. You won’t have to worry about any pesky wires while you work and your office will stay clean and clutter-free.

Drawers: Design a home office with the perfect number of drawers for your writing utensils, paper clips, and stamps. Add organizational inserts and file drawers for added organization.

Cabinets and Shelving: For additional storage of larger home office accessories add extra filing cabinets or customized shelving.

Accessories: Add custom accessories to your new home office. File systems or drawer organizational inserts will help you stay as organized as you want to be.

If you work from home or if you would like a more organized home workspace area, please schedule a free in-home consultation today to discuss your new Classy Closets home office.