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With Classy Closets' custom garage cabinets, garage organization systems and accessories, your garage can be a clean and safe place for you to enjoy some of your facorite hobbies. Your garage doesn't have to be your least favorite part of the house! With a Classy Closets garage organization system, everything can have a proper place. Each of the thoughtful garage accessories can help solve a problem area in your garage. For example:

Activity Hooks: Multi-functional activity hooks are perfect for hanging your sports equipment, garden and yard tools, cords, and larger tools.

Garage Baskets: Keep your car cleaning supplies, sports ball or shoes in a retractable basket that is built into your garage cabinets for easy access and visibility.

Garden Hooks: Store your garden tools in a safe and visible place by installing garden hooks in your Classy Closets garage storage organization system.

Workbench: A Classy Closets workbench keeps your tools and hardware safe and in a place that you are sure to find next time. Don't worry about misplacing your hammer again! Several accessories can be added to customize your workbench to your exact wants and needs.

Cord Hangers: These perfectly designed hooks help to keep your cords tidy and untangled. So, reach for your cords and don't worry about what condition you'll find them in.

Bike Hangers: Don't let your bikes take over your garage! By installing bike racks and hangers, your bikes and your car can park in your garage together.

When you design your new garage organization system, carefully consider what garage accessories will best kepp your garage in a clean and safe condition. A combination of some or all of these specialized garage accessories will help to keep your garage clean year round. No need to spring clean your garage once a year only to have it messy again in the following weeks.

For more information about our garage cabinets and garage organization systems, visit one of our showrooms today.

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