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I would love to see what Classy Closets can do for me. How do I get started?
The quickest way to get started is to submit a "Start Your FREE CONSULTATION" form on our website and a member of our Classy Closets team will promptly respond to you. You can also call us at 888-294-4984 or visit the showroom nearest you.

What is your process?
A typical job will include an in-home consultation. Depending on the amount of time you may have available and the complexity of the job, your designer may do a design and give you a price during the appointment at your home, or schedule a secondary meeting in your home or at one of our showrooms to review your drawings. During this visit details may be finalized and decorative features and accessories selected. Upon receipt of an order your installation date is set and the job is moved on to engineering and production.

How much experience do your designers have?
Classy Closets designers have an average of 13 years industry experience - 4 times the national average. All of our designers are trained extensively in closet and space design to help you better visualize your project and eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings.. To learn more about our individual designers, visit your city Classy Closets Location Page.

What happens when my project is ready to be installed?
We commit to a specific installation date(s) and have a 95 % on time delivery record. Installation dates are confirmed via email, text, or phone about 5 days prior to your installation.

Do you use sub-contractors for installation?
No. All Classy Closets installers are employees of the company. A lead installer with a minimum of 4 years company experience is on every job.


Who owns each Classy Closets location?
Each Classy Closets location is individually owned and operated. We are not burdened with expensive franchise fees. We are also not locked into materials and styles determined by corporate franchises or national re-sellers. Our customers benefit from our flexibility and ability to quickly respond to the latest trends in style. The Corporate office for Classy Closets USA is located in Chandler, Arizona.

Why should I go with Classy Closets?
There are many reasons why Classy Closets is a great company to work with, including:


Can you let me know how much my project will cost?
Every project is unique and based on the specific space and needs of our customers. While it is difficult to provide realistic price estimates over the phone, we can give you a good price expectation after a short in home consultation, We may also be able to give you a price estimate, depending on the complexity of the project if you visit in one of our showrooms.. Our designers are most qualified to answer these questions. If you call in advance of your visit we will make every attempt to have a designer available to meet with you.

How much does a walk-in closet cost?
Probably not less than $1,000. Our average closet is about $2,900 installed.

How much does a reach-in closet cost?
In certain cities an 8' wide reach-in closet is $339 installed.

How much does a wall-bed cost?
Wall beds or Murphy Beds start at $2,000 installed.


Do you manufacture your products?
Yes, Classy Closets is a direct manufacturer and have full control of the quality of our product from start to finish. Unlike many others in our industry, we do not source pre-fabricated parts from large producers thousands of miles away. By controlling our manufacturing we also have great flexibility in design and can react quickly should any adjustments be needed.

Do you use particleboard or pressboard?
The material substrate we use (pressboard, MDF or plywood) is determined by the type of laminate or veneer that is being adhered to it.

Melamine, the primary laminate used for closets and furniture, requires a very smooth and stable surface which makes particleboard the best substrate for this material. Pressboard is available in various grades based on density. We use only the highest quality industrial grade pressboard compared to the standard commercial grade used by most others.

Wood veneers can be adhered to either a plywood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) substrate. We use a top quality calibrated core plywood substrate for our standard wood veneers.

Do you have real wood options?
Yes, we offer over 40 beautiful real wood finishes as well as providing our customers with the opportunity for a custom stain or paint finish.

What is wood veneer? When is veneer used vs. solid wood?
Veneer refers to thin slices of wood that are glued to a substrate core to produce flat panels with a consistent grain pattern. Planks of solid wood wide enough for cabinet cases are not available in most hardwood species and also tend to warp and curl over time. Veneers are used for flat panel surfaces such as cabinet cases and closets. Solid woods are used for decorative fronts such as raised panel and shaker styles as well as moldings.

Do your products fade or darken over time?
Some materials will change color with aging while others will remain consistent. Laminates such as melamine will never change in color even when exposed to sunlight. Real woods will age over time and typically become darker. Wood is a natural product and the species and finish could affect the degree of aging.


How do I adjust a shelf?
Shelves can be easily adjusted. Follow the instructions below for the type of shelf you are moving.

Adjustable shelving on pins: For closets, garage cabinets and furniture shelves behind doors simply remove the shelf by lifting one end up about 2 inches. Then pull the shelf out, remove all four shelf pins and re-insert them at the desired height. Replace the shelf. (pliers may help in removing shelf pins)

Fixed shelving: Unlock the Knock Down (KD) fittings with a Phillips screwdriver from the bottom or underneath. Then, lightly tap underneath the shelf until it comes free of the fasteners and then pull the shelf out.

How do I clean my system?
Melamine and high pressure laminate systems can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and some glass cleaner or 409. To remove tough spots such as glue or ink use a small amount of mineral spirits or goo off. Do not use an abrasive cleaner on laminate products. Endust is a great cleaner for wood products. For more information go to our care instructions.


Do you consider yourself an environmentally conscious company?
Yes, we do. Classy Closets uses over 95% pre-consumer recycled materials in its products.. Our Green Line is 100% "green" product that is harvested from sustainable forests and qualifies for LEED. Our Green Building Division is headed by an employee who is a LEED Accredited Professional.


What if I need a repair or service in the future?
Just contact us and we are happy to help. Our customer service department can be reached via our online contact request form found on our website. Both phone calls and online submittals are promptly responded to.

What is your warranty?
We are fully committed to the quality of both our product and installation and offer a lifetime limited warranty on our materials and workmanship as long as you live in the home.

Can I take my wall bed, cabinets or closet with me to another home?
Yes, to the extent the configuration will fit in your new space, however, we generally do not recommend it. We do recommend that you contact us to help with your de-install and re-install. You will benefit by having a trained professional moving your cabinets or closets and also maintain the validity of your warranty.


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