The Neutral Nursery

Convert your nursery into the perfect neutral room for baby girl or baby boy.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to wait until the birth of your baby to find out whether your new little one is a boy or girl. It’s a trend that adds a bit of mystery and excitement to this already special time. People wait to buy clothes and toys until after their baby arrives and more than likely you’ll receive a baby shower invitation after the little one gets here, too.

Many have worried about decorating their nurseries after the baby arrives. It’s true that the extra worry of decorating a nursery after your bundle-of-joy arrives is a definite con to this fun tradition.

However, lucky for you, it’s also becoming increasingly popular to design a nursery in colors and accents that are appropriate for both you new baby girl or boy. Here are a few tips for decorating a neutral nursery:

∞ Decorating a neutral nursery includes choosing paint colors and patterns that you’ll find appropriate for a baby boy or a baby girl. Commonly those colors include neutrals, including: whites, creams, greys, browns, blacks, blues, yellows, greens and reds. As in all home decorating, the safest bet is to use soft neutral colors with pops of bold colors that may be changed later. Remember that the paint color will be the hardest thing to change. Take time to choose the right paint color. Opting for geometric patterns versus floral or sports patterns will be your best bet. In the end, it’s all about what colors and patterns that you feel would fit both sexes.

∞ Choose toys and furnishings that can be used for both a boy or a girl. For example, books, stuffed animals and a rocking horse would all be good options. Stay away from anything that you feel is too gender specific, like bats and balls or pink baby dolls.

∞ Prints and pictures in your nursery are great ways to decorate with out being too gender specific. Find prints that you are your partner both like—that way you’ll both like spending time in this special space.

∞ Finally, don’t be afraid to express your individual style. You are the best bet resource for creating a neutral nursery for your little surprise. Go with you gut, there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a nursery unisex. You will find in some of the images below touches of pinks and purples. Make sure that you find examples of what you like to help you create your perfect nursery. That way you’ll love to spend time in there just as much as your little one.

For some great beginning references, here are five of our favorite unisex nurseries:

Soft White and Cream Nursery with Minimal Color

Gray, Wood and White Nursery with Stripes

Geometric Wallpaper with Bold Colored Furnishings

Gray Walls, Blue Patterned-Rug and Lots of Books

White Crib with Bright Colors and Garland

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