Here to make life a little easier! 🙌🏾

Our mission is to help you live life a little better!

Whether it’s keeping your closets and cabinets more organized or designing beautiful home storage that keeps you inspired daily, we are passionate about making your life better.

Each of our storage solutions is custom designed to fit your life, your home, and your budget!

With one of our custom-designed solutions, you can easily double or even triple your storage space. Imagine never having to shove too many items in one unorganized closet, having cords hanging all over your home office or cooking in a kitchen designed just for you?

Our custom home storage solutions are life-changing! And, that’s just how we want it to be!

More Than Closets ✨

Many people assume we only create custom closets and, well, we get it! Our name is Classy Closets after all! However, the possibilities are endless at Classy Closets!

We also create custom home offices, garage cabinets, entertainment centers, pantries, laundry rooms, bookshelves, and more! Whatever type of storage solution that you need for your home, we can help design, create and install a custom solution.

For more inspiration and information on what storage solutions we can design for you, watch our virtual showroom video below! You’ll see many of our different storage products and projects!

Reviews from our Customers 💛

Don’t just take our word for how life-changing a Classy Closets’ custom storage solution can be, check out these reviews from some of our customers!