A Popular Photo and a Dream Closet

As one of the most liked and shared photos we’ve ever posted, we knew we needed to interview the owner of THIS 👇🏽custom master closet!

Earlier this year, we had the amazing opportunity to work with Madonna Hall to help create the luxury closet of her dreams (and ours to be honest). 🙌🏽 Madonna worked with Classy Closets’ designer Carrie Dixon and together they collaborated and created a closet that was out of this world! 🌎

Interview with the Owner, Madonna

“What were the most important considerations when designing your closet?”

Madonna: “The layout was critical. I have lots of accessories and shoes that are important to me and I wanted to make sure that they were all stored safely and where I could easily access them and see them.”

“Your shoe collection and display are amazing! Was that important to you?”

Madonna: “I knew I wanted a wall where I could my favorite clothing items, my shoes! It was important for me to have them displayed where I could see them and enjoy them.”

“Speaking of shoes, do you have a favorite pair?” 👠

Madonna: “No! I don’t. My shoes are like my children, I couldn’t pick a favorite. I have over 350 pairs and I rotate them by season!”

“They are absolutely amazing! We love them! What was this closet space before your closet was installed?”

Madonna: “Before the closet was installed this was a large, empty room. It left an open canvas to create this dream closet.”

“Your clothes are also amazing! Tell us about them.”

Madonna: “Many of my clothes are vintage and I keep them in climate controlled storage to keep them stored safely.”

“Amazing! You guys did such a phenomenal job creating this closet together. What was it like working with Carrie your Classy Closets designer?”

Madonna: “Working with Carrie has been amazing. We were very cohesive and we had great communication. Carrie listened to our needs, which doesn’t happen that often anymore. I felt like Carrie jumped inside my head and knew exactly what I wanted and what I needed. I was so happy to create this with her!”

Madonna, thank you for telling us more about your closet and thank you for working with Classy Closets! We’ve all had a wonderful experience working with you!

Check out more photos of her amazing closet below and a video of her closet, here.

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