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Turn-Key Commercial Offices…  Designed, Manufactured and Installed.

Commercial properties heavily rely on the organization and efficiency of their storage spaces. We have extensive experience designing storage solutions that are highly functional for commercial office layouts. Our professional design team can provide custom design ideas and options for your commercial real estate project.

Our wide variety of materials and custom storage options are perfect for federal, state or private commercial office buildings, restaurants, hospitals and more!

We’ll generate ideas for the perfect layout that improves the productivity of your workspace or office. Our high-quality materials will hold up well to extended use. Consider a range of products from wood, melamine or laminate to fit the style and budget of your commercial office.

We will design your new storage solutions in the commercial office space based on its floor plan. We take into consideration all of the private areas, shared meeting areas, office furniture, and individual cubicle workstations in order to create a design flow that works perfectly for office planning. Whether you have a large open office or small shared spaces, we can help!

Not only is our material and manufacturing high quality, but we also have an extensive selection of accessories that will increase functionality. From desk drawer organizers and file drawers to laundry hampers and lockable cabinets, you will be sure to find accessories that will work well to enhance the functionality of your commercial office space.

Our designers will provide custom storage solutions for every office or workstation or just a few if needed. If your workspace needs a facelift, is failing to inspire, or even if you’re building a new office, our professional designers can create the perfect workspace for your company. Each unique company and commercial office will need different layouts, materials, and accessories, and everything we do is custom so you know that it will fit your unique space, needs, style, and budget.

Consider a few of these options for your commercial office space:

Custom Office Design & Work Space Layout: Each office space design is uniquely different. From the people working there and the individual storage needs to the office’s flow and storage capability. Do you want individual workspaces that have high storage potential or do you prefer a large work area with lots of desks and storage space in a different room? Do you need lots of storage for large items or is your storage space limited to files? No matter your unique needs, we can help to create an office and workflow that fits your workspace. Everything will be designed and laid out to meet your preferences.

Custom Desk Space: Do you need small and workable desks in an open plan workspace for multiple people? Or a large custom desk for an individual office? Do you need inexpensive desks made of laminate or a large custom wood desk with plenty of storage for important documents? No matter what your desk space needs are, we can help create the perfect desk for you and your office.

Custom Foyer and Front Desk: Many offices need a custom foyer and front desk area for when patients and clients come to the office. Patients and clients should be met in a professional, organized and clean area, and that’s where we come in! We can create a custom front office or waiting area that is designed around your office’s space and your needs. Whether you need a large front desk with lots of desktops and chairs or you need a small entryway with lots of storage, we’ve got you covered!

Work Space Accessories: If you need built-in printer storage or a pull-out wastebasket, no problem! We have an extensive variety of accessories to choose from to make your office run smoothly.

We look forward to working with you and creating your new custom commercial office. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional designers today!