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Your Classy Closets custom storage space isn't complete without adding your own personal touches. By adding accessories such as the rack, hanger, or jewelry drawer- you are guaranteed to have a custom closet designed just for you.

We understand that each of our customers are unique and so are their storage and organizational needs. It doesn't make sense to create a beautiful closet, home office, etc. that is one size fits all; and our large variety of accessories help to create a custom storage solution that will fit all your wants and needs.

Accessories make a storage space feel designed specifically for you. Some of our accessory options include:

Multi-Functional Hooks: Your need a place to hang your coats, purse, and bags. Instead of stuffing your belongings inside a drawer, never to be seen again, optimize your storage space with hooks to help you grab and go!

Pull-Out Racks: Choose a speciality rack for your ties, scarves or belts and never misplace your favorite one again. Pull-out racks help to streamline your closet with easy-access and quick hide-a-way potential. Store smart with custom pull-out racks.

Pull-Out Hampers: Is dirty laundry crowding your closet flow? By installing a pull-out hamper in your closet, even your laundry has a place in your custom closet by Classy Closets.

Jewelry-Drawer:Store your most valued heirlooms in a safe and special place. A jewelry drawer will keep each piece of jewelry in its own designated spot and help you keep track of your inportant possessions.

Pant Hanger: The best way to keep your pants laundered and wrinkle-free is by adding a pant hanger to your closet. Quickly find and access your favorite pair of pants with our extra grip, slip-free pant hanger.

For more information, and to browse more Classy Closets accessories, visit our Accessories page.
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