Springtime in the Desert is the Time to Get Organized

SPRING-CLEANINGThe first day of spring was on March 20 and everybody knows that spring is the time when the cruel winter is bid adieu. What better way to welcome the increasing temperatures than to open up your house and give it a good spring cleaning?

Don’t know know where to start or how to tackle such a massive undertaking?

Here are a couple quick and easy ways to get organized and enjoy the fruits of your labor and the season.

Divide and Conquer

Don’t be intimidated by the sheer magnitude of the project, make it a game for the family. Write down a list of chores¬†(download list below)¬†and then gather the family to pick from the list of chores. If they are sports fans, conduct a draft-style for the list and get to it.

When cleaning, make it fun. Start with a family breakfast and then put on a fun playlist of of music and then ordering pizza for dinner, since everybody will be tired and hungry after a long day.

Go Through Closets and Set Aside Items to Donate

Everybody has those clothes that they are holding on to although they haven’t worn in a long time. We have mentioned the “hanger trick” in a past blog post and now would be a good time to re-visit it.

hangersOne of the best ways to figure out what you do wear is to turn all your hangers around (facing out). When you wear it, hang it back up normally. Within a couple months, the clothes that are still facing out need to be moved out of plain sight.

There are several places in town that are looking for not only clothes, but also any type of soaps, cleansers, towels, linens or anything that you no longer or have never used. Not only will you become more organized, you’ll feel better about giving back to your community.

Run off a Complete List

The best list I have found while looking for a thorough Spring Cleaning checklist comes from Kelly Oribine from Imperfect Homemaking. Oribine’s list is about as thorough as any that I have come across and being a stay-at-home mom that home-schools six children, I am sure she sees more than her fair share of dirty, messy, clutter-filled homes.

Download and print her list here.

Happy cleaning!

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