Another Amazing Video From Classy Closets Tucson

Classy Closets of Tucson offers all the newest and hippest accessories for your closet, pantry and living area…even your garage!

(Click on the picture or the link below.)

If you can dream it, we can do it!


Classy Closets of Tucson Accessories




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Classy Closets’ Accessories Help You Get the Most Out Of Your Product

Pants Hanger (800x600)Classy Closets has a world of accessories to customize your closet, craft room, garage or any room in your home or office.

From jewelry inserts to tie racks, fold-away ironing boards to discreet hamper baskets. Our designers have thought of so many ways to keep you and products organized.

We spend our hard-earned money on our clothes and we like having a lot of variety and options available when we enter our closet. But, let’s be honest, the average person only wears about 40 percent of their available wardrobe. I am no better than the rest as I have shirts that I wear once or twice a year depending on the occasion.

The first stage of having an organized closet is filling it only with clothes that you are going to wear and go from there. One of the best ways to figure out what you do wear is to turn all your hangars around (facing out). When you wear it, hang it back up normally. Within a couple months, the clothes that are still facing out need to be moved out of plain sight. If your closet height allows, Classy Closets offers wardrobe lifts. These nifty accessories allow you to utilize the upper reaches of your closet and have your clothes still within your reach.

Wardrobe Lift

One of my favorite accessories is the hamper basket. Classy Closets offers ways that keep your dirty clothes out of sight and most importantly off the floor, the back of a chair or the bed post. The hampers are available with a tilted basket with a drawer face to match your closet or a slide-out version version with a mesh bag. Either style is easily removable for transport to the laundry room.

31 Tilt Out HamperFor all those things that make the outfit complete, Classy Closets has a way to keep them all together in one neat place. Tie racks, belt racks, scarf racks are all stowed away along the inside partitions of your closet and slide out for easy accessibility and the ability to match your components with ease.

Synergy Tie Rack (800x600)Once you have all your accessories perfected, you will need to make sure that they are all in the right place; your tie knot has the perfect dimple, your scarf has the perfect drape for that ultra-chic look, your belt buckle is perfectly aligned with your with pant and shirt opening, the ‘gig line’ from my military days. It’s easy to check all these out with moving out of your closet with a sliding wardrobe mirror. Like the racks listed above, the wardrobe mirror is mounted on the inside walls, or partitions, and slides out and rotates for ease of use and slides back in for the clean look.

mirrorFor the completely customized closet, Classy Closets offers several styles of closet rods, handles, pulls and drawer slides that fully extend and quietly close. You can choose from several styles and finishes for your hardware including dark oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, nickle matte, brass and aluminum in both matte and polished finishes.

When it comes to drawer handles and door knobs, the possibilities are endless—seriously. I can spend days upon days just looking at different styles and variations but it’s best to pick your product and rod color first and then match your handles and knobs to them to narrow your choices down to only a couple hundred styles. I personally love the oil rubbed bronze accessories as I feel that the deep, dark tones are the most elegant and sophisticated.

27 Synergy Oil-Rubbed Bronze BasketsFor your folded clothes, the choices are also varied. You can opt for dovetailed 2-ply baltic birch, cedar-bottomed or simply choose full-extension wire baskets for immediate visibility.

However you decide to organize your closet, remember that Classy Closets has you covered. Our design specialists know all the ways to help you get the most out of your product. If you want to double or even triple the space in your closet, contact us today for your complimentary, in-home design and estimate.

before afterAlthough Classy Closets offers all the bells and whistles that make your closet a true work of art, we are also able to make the smallest closets more organized, because everybody deserves (and can afford) Life. Organized. ®

Experience organizational nirvana, you will truly be amazed. Remember, if you can dream it, we can do it.

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Custom Designed Home Libraries, Wet Bars & More


David’s Desert compiled this video of all the amazing work that Classy Closets can do for home libraries, media centers, wet bars and so much more.

(Click on the picture or the link below.)

Mahogany Media with Glass Inset Doors

Classy Closets of Tucson

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January is National Organization Month

White MasterThe National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) has declared January as ‘Get Organized Month.’

According to the NAPO website:

During GO Month, NAPO’s annual national public awareness campaign promoting the benefits of getting organized, NAPO professional organizers and productivity specialists help individuals, families, organizations and businesses in their communities kick off the new year by regaining control over their surroundings, time and possessions.

Are you looking to regain control over your surroundings, time and possessions? Has your closet become an unruly mess that you struggle through every morning?

If you are looking for a remodel of your master closet, spare bedroom, storage area or garage, Classy Closets’ expert designers can double or even triple your space through their mastery of spatial design.

diamondplate garageIf you believe that you thrive in organized chaos, think about this. How much time do you spend each day looking for things you need? Whether it’s misplaced keys, a file on your computer, or a document on your desk, not being able to get to the things you need when you need them wastes precious time, causes frustration, and can cost you money.

Having systems in place to organize your items and information at home and at work saves you time, money and your sanity.

Classy Closets is the definition of custom. You name it, we can do it—it truly is that simple. It is also a common mistake that custom means expensive. This could not be further from the truth. With every complimentary in-home estimate, our designers price out your project from our high-quality standard products to extravagant pieces of decadent luxury, all with our lifetime warranty. If at any time you have a question or concern about your Classy Closets installation, call us and we will make it better, no hassle, no fuss, just an exemplary display of quality craftsmanship.

It shouldn’t have to cost arm and a leg to get organized and at Classy Closets of Tucson, we make sure that our client gets exactly what they want: Life. Organized.

Classy Closets of Tucson is locally owned and operated and gives back to the community that has given them so much.

Buy small, buy local, buy Classy Closets of Tucson.

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Life. Organized.® For the Holidays!

Wall Bed

Holiday Planning Starts Now!  The holidays are coming and the time to prepare is now.  It is time to arrange,  clean and organize every room of the house!  Are you ready to put up those out-of-town guests in comfort or will they be relegated to couch-surfing  or blow-up mattresses?  Classy Closets of Tucson is here to help.  We can turn any room in your house into a spare bedroom in no time flat with a stylish and functional wallbed.

Wall Bed 2

Call today for your  free in-home estimate & custom design quote for a wallbed and start utilizing your space today.  Choose between multiple models and add to that your choice of cabinets, sizes and finishes as well as a wide range of complementary accessories. Our wallbeds are custom designed to meet your needs and will help you make the most out of the space you have.

Great for offices, kid’s, rooms, spare bedrooms, and anywhere your guests might need to sleep on those special holidays. We can’t wait to help you enjoy your holidays this year.

Classic Maple Wallbed (down)

If You Can Dream It…We Can Do It!  CALL Classy Closets of Tucson Today…




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August is Makeover Month!

Kitchen MakeoverAre your kitchen cabinets drab, old and boring?

Classy Closets of Tucson is dedicating the month of August to making over your kitchen, home office, garage and laundry room.

With an extensive background in the fine details of service oriented work, we create affordable and unique cabinetry designs for our clients. By staying up to date with the current trends in style and technology, we provide our clients with a room that is beautiful and functional. We will work with you on a personal level to design the cabinetry that fits your needs and dreams perfectly.

Kitchen MakeoverFrom rich wood casings to glass enclosures, we have the resources to make the wildest designs into a reality. We offer endless ideas for durable and functional storage designs for your utility rooms, from workbenches to closets, anything is possible.

When organizing your home you may find that you need storage solutions in unlikely places. Anywhere in your home can be used as a great opportunity for organization and customization.

The average household spends about six hours a week in their laundry room.  You can see how a Classy Closets design can fit into even the narrowest of locations seemlessly. Our custom designs are especially convenient for laundry rooms with very little square footage.

makeover laundryYou should have space to move freely and the ability to locate anything with ease in every room in your house, no matter the size. Just think of all the time and effort that can be saved with a perfectly organized laundry room.

Being organized does not have to be dull. Here at Classy Closets, we believe any room in your house can be a work of art. Our professional design consultants have mastered spatial design, call or e-mail us today to experience organizational nirvana for yourself.




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How To Always Be Prepared for Out of Town Guests

GHI WB Up (516x640)

It’s summertime, which means vacation time. What better way to spend that vacation than loading up the family for a road trip.

Are you ready to put up those out-of-town guests in comfort or will they be relegated to couch-surfing  or blow-up mattresses?

Classy Closets is here to help. We can turn your home office back into a spare bedroom in no time flat with stylish and functional wallbed.

GHI WB DownRequest a custom quote for a wallbed and start utilizing your space today. Choose between multiple models and add to that your choice of cabinets, sizes and finishes as well as a wide range of complementary accessories. Our wallbeds are custom designed to meet your needs and will help you make the most out of the space you have.

Great for offices, kids’ rooms, spare bedrooms, and anywhere where you might need to sleep on occasion.

Each Classy Closets wallbed is equipped with 2 micro-adjustable calibrated spring mechanisms that allow for precise tension adjustments. Our system is factory calibrated with up to nine heavy duty helical springs in each lifting mechanism. Other wallbed systems have small springs that stretch and fatigue over time. The Classy wallbed makes it easy to raise or lower any size bed with the touch of a finger.

Classy wallbeds offer the sleeping comfort you or your guests will enjoy – a conventional innerspring mattress plus a standard box spring. The slanted, padded headboard is a delight for reading, or watching TV in bed. If you prefer to add your own mattress, he assembly will accommodate the thickness of a 10 ½” pillow-top mattress.

Call for your complimentary in-home design estimate today and utilize that spare bedroom or home office and you will never be surprised by unexpected guests.

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Celebrate Independence From Clutter!

ORB Baskets (1280x960)After celebrating our country’s Independence Day on July 4th, proclaim independence from clutter on July 5th and into the future.

With so many different accessories for your closet and throughout the home, Classy Closets makes it easy to de-clutter and allows you to get your Life. Organized.

Long gone are the the days of ho-hum boring closets with a wooden rod and some shelves, today’s consumer wants more and Classy Closets is more than happy to oblige.

Synergy Tie Rack (1280x960)You can choose closet rods and accessories to fit your life, from polished chrome to matte aluminum or the wildly popular oil rubbed bronze finish. Once you have your closet rods selected, go all out and get matching sliding baskets for bulkier items and don’t forget the belt, tie and scarf racks to complete the ensemble.

The best part is that when you are done selecting what you need, you slide it back into the closet out of the way—out of sight, out of mind. The next level of closet organization is here and it is good.

Your drawers are also being elevated to the next level with dividers and/or cedar bottoms or you can upgrade to the ultimate hand-crafted dove-tailed baltic birch drawers that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Jewelry Divider with Sliding TrayVelvet-lined inserts with acrylic dividers await your jewelry drawers and we would be remiss if we forgot the locks on said drawers, but these locks are flush with the drawer as not to call attention to the functionality of the locks.

Your closet is not the only room in the house that you can accessorize, but also in your home office, kitchen pantry, laundry room and especially your garage. If you are like me, the garage is the catch-all for all the stuff that you don’t want cluttering your house. What good is the garage if you can’t even fit your car in there?

Once again, Classy Closets is here to help.

Line your garage walls with the sleek Omni-Track garage organization system:


Stylish - High tech design and a handsome anodized finish fits in comfortably in most any setting.

Strong - Carefully engineered track is thick and durable.  Each hook and hanger is crafted to perform its assigned task safely and securely.

Versatile -  Whether it’s a leaf blower, roller blades, a basket of cleaning supplies, or a roll of gift wrap your customers need a track and accessories that are smart, stylish, strong and versatile.

These are just a few of the accessories available, contact Classy Closets today for a complimentary in-home estimate today and see how you can get your home and your life organized today!

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We’ve Moved!

Visit the NEW Showroom!

Visit the NEW Showroom!

After 6 and a half years in the Central Point Plaza on Speedway just east of Alvernon, Classy Closets of Tucson has relocated.

From the humble beginnings in Tucson, there was the combined showroom and warehouse in one suite. That didn’t last long as the back room was incredibly cramped and the necessity for table saws and other equipment became prevalent. The first expansion was leasing a small warehouse behind the showroom in the same plaza.

Classy Closets became hugely popular and outgrew that warehouse in less than a year. The next expansion led to renting a large warehouse by the rodeo grounds at Park and Irvington. This behemoth structure allowed for the business to build into itself. With a rollup gate, the installers could pack their trucks inside the warehouse and safely house the trucks, trailers and forklift at night.

The front doors of the NEW Classy Closets

The front doors of the NEW Classy Closets

After growing into the new warehouse, the small showroom was cramped in comparison, so  the showroom expanded to an area nearly three times it’s size, two doors down. The expansive showroom was the perfect example of all the types of work that was offered. From closets to wallbeds to home offices, kitchen pantries and garages, the showroom was a beautiful setting to entertain clients.

The issue of the warehouse and showroom being so far apart became more apparent and when the opportunity came to move our warehouse to the west side of town, moving the showroom closer became the number one priority.

The latest moved was completed last weekend and all the components are back on display in beautiful fashion at our new showroom at 2010 N. Forbes Blvd. It is conveniently located just west of the I-10 freeway at the Grant Rd exit. Forbes Blvd is the first left and loops around to 2010.

The hours and contact numbers are still the same, open from Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays by appointment.

Call (520) 326-7888 or e-mail to schedule a complimentary in-home design estimate or visit the brand new home of…

Life. Organized.

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Introducing the Classy Closets Tucson Team

gray closet

Classy Closets of Tucson is a small, family-owned branch, and we pride our selves on our hospitality and down-to-earth service.  It is extremely important for you as a client to feel comfortable with the company you invite into your home and rely upon for your home renovation needs.

Classy Closets opened in 1983 in Chandler, Arizona and the Tucson location was the first franchise that opened in 1992. The current ownership team has been in Tucson since January, 1997.

President & CEO Joseph Bowers

Joseph Bowers

The current team consists of Joseph Bowers, President & CEO; Tim Conner, Director of Installations and Anna Bowers, Chief Financial Officer.

Bowers and Conner worked together in the corporate branch in Chandler before receiving the go-ahead to open the Tucson franchise, Bowers’ mother, Anna who has 35 years of financial experience joined the team to keep the financial side of the business in check.

Joseph Bowers is married with two children, his son is six years old and living at home and his daughter recently graduated from high school. Bowers is a former chef that met one of the founders of Classy Closets in Chandler and became enamored with the business. He began as an installer in the corporate headquarters and then tried his hand at sales and he became hooked.

Bowers is the head of all sales and design for Classy Closets of Tucson. He is the face of the company and meets with clients big and small. He treats all design appointments with the same care and attention to detail whether it is a $299 closet special or complete renovation. His charm and charisma along with a superior product has drawn in large commercial contracts from Tucson’s largest employers including Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Madden Media and the University of Arizona.

Tim (2)

Tim Conner

Tim Conner has over 20 years of carpentry experience and was born and raised in Tucson. He is married and is an avid sportsman who loves hunting, fishing and off-road adventures. He oversees the warehouse, production and all installations to ensure complete client satisfaction—on every job. If a client has a question, issue or concern, it is Tim that makes a personal visit to allay the clients needs. That is the personal touch that sets Classy Closets apart from other corporate closet companies.

His wealth of knowledge in carpentry and woodworking is an invaluable asset to the company. His leadership skills in the warehouse as well as out in the field make Conner the perfect complement to Bowers’ sales skills.

With the major areas of the business accounted for, Bowers and Conner still need somebody to tie it all together. That is where Bowers’ mother, Anna comes into play. Mrs. Bowers is the financial genius that keeps the business squared away from a financial standpoint.


Anna Bowers

As the Chief Financial Officer, Bowers handles all the accounts receivable and is the contact person for anything and everything involving the business end of the business, from licensing and taxes to human resources, banking and credit cards processing.

Another area of specialty for Anna is creating new business for the company to include advertising, marketing and event management. If you have seen or heard of Classy Closets of Tucson, it is because of Anna. While a large part of Classy Closets work comes from referrals and repeat business, it is her diligent work to bring in new business that allows Classy Closets to continue to offer the highest quality product at the most affordable price.


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