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Wall Bed

Holiday Planning Starts Now!  The holidays are coming and the time to prepare is now.  It is time to arrange,  clean and organize every room of the house!  Are you ready to put up those out-of-town guests in comfort or will they be relegated to couch-surfing  or blow-up mattresses?  Classy Closets of Tucson is here to help.  We can turn any room in your house into a spare bedroom in no time flat with a stylish and functional wallbed.

Wall Bed 2

Call today for your  free in-home estimate & custom design quote for a wallbed and start utilizing your space today.  Choose between multiple models and add to that your choice of cabinets, sizes and finishes as well as a wide range of complementary accessories. Our wallbeds are custom designed to meet your needs and will help you make the most out of the space you have.

Great for offices, kid’s, rooms, spare bedrooms, and anywhere your guests might need to sleep on those special holidays. We can’t wait to help you enjoy your holidays this year.

Classic Maple Wallbed (down)

If You Can Dream It…We Can Do It!  CALL Classy Closets of Tucson Today…




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Classy Closets of Tucson provides home and office storage solutions that will create more space in your life. No matter where you live or work, you need freedom to move and room to breathe. Our custom closets are designed to create more open space so you can work, think and feel better.
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