Introducing the Classy Closets Tucson Team

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Classy Closets of Tucson is a small, family-owned branch, and we pride our selves on our hospitality and down-to-earth service.  It is extremely important for you as a client to feel comfortable with the company you invite into your home and rely upon for your home renovation needs.

Classy Closets opened in 1983 in Chandler, Arizona and the Tucson location was the first franchise that opened in 1992. The current ownership team has been in Tucson since January, 1997.

President & CEO Joseph Bowers

Joseph Bowers

The current team consists of Joseph Bowers, President & CEO; Tim Conner, Director of Installations and Anna Bowers, Chief Financial Officer.

Bowers and Conner worked together in the corporate branch in Chandler before receiving the go-ahead to open the Tucson franchise, Bowers’ mother, Anna who has 35 years of financial experience joined the team to keep the financial side of the business in check.

Joseph Bowers is married with two children, his son is six years old and living at home and his daughter recently graduated from high school. Bowers is a former chef that met one of the founders of Classy Closets in Chandler and became enamored with the business. He began as an installer in the corporate headquarters and then tried his hand at sales and he became hooked.

Bowers is the head of all sales and design for Classy Closets of Tucson. He is the face of the company and meets with clients big and small. He treats all design appointments with the same care and attention to detail whether it is a $299 closet special or complete renovation. His charm and charisma along with a superior product has drawn in large commercial contracts from Tucson’s largest employers including Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Madden Media and the University of Arizona.

Tim (2)

Tim Conner

Tim Conner has over 20 years of carpentry experience and was born and raised in Tucson. He is married and is an avid sportsman who loves hunting, fishing and off-road adventures. He oversees the warehouse, production and all installations to ensure complete client satisfaction—on every job. If a client has a question, issue or concern, it is Tim that makes a personal visit to allay the clients needs. That is the personal touch that sets Classy Closets apart from other corporate closet companies.

His wealth of knowledge in carpentry and woodworking is an invaluable asset to the company. His leadership skills in the warehouse as well as out in the field make Conner the perfect complement to Bowers’ sales skills.

With the major areas of the business accounted for, Bowers and Conner still need somebody to tie it all together. That is where Bowers’ mother, Anna comes into play. Mrs. Bowers is the financial genius that keeps the business squared away from a financial standpoint.


Anna Bowers

As the Chief Financial Officer, Bowers handles all the accounts receivable and is the contact person for anything and everything involving the business end of the business, from licensing and taxes to human resources, banking and credit cards processing.

Another area of specialty for Anna is creating new business for the company to include advertising, marketing and event management. If you have seen or heard of Classy Closets of Tucson, it is because of Anna. While a large part of Classy Closets work comes from referrals and repeat business, it is her diligent work to bring in new business that allows Classy Closets to continue to offer the highest quality product at the most affordable price.


About Anna Bowers

Classy Closets of Tucson provides home and office storage solutions that will create more space in your life. No matter where you live or work, you need freedom to move and room to breathe. Our custom closets are designed to create more open space so you can work, think and feel better.
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