New Decorative Hardware Adds Classy Finish to Custom Projects

hafele-cottageClassy Closets of Tucson specializes in custom-designed closets, home offices, laundry rooms, kitchen pantries and garages. However, even the most elaborate project could go awry if the proper finishing touches are not applied.

From decorative handles, knobs and hinges to mouldings, corbels and ornamental designs like fluting and rosettes, no project is complete without selecting the proper finishing touches.

Classy Closets is here to help.

Our designers are experts in spatial as well as interior design and through several years and thousands of designs, they know what hardware and accoutrements best complement each design.

Nouveau pulls

So Many Choices

In the ever-changing landscape of decorative hardware, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer largess of options available, this is why we narrow it down to “collections.”

Each collection offers proportions to fit the smallest drawers to the largest doors.  The newest collections available are just as beautiful and functional as the timeless classics.

Most pulls, the general term for handles, knobs, etc., are available in a variety of finishes but the most popular and most widely available are brushed/satin nickel (matte), polished chrome (glossy), oil-rubbed bronze (deep, dark matte) brass, and black.

The newest collections available are the aptly titled Nouveau (french for new), which offer elegance with a modern edge. The Breakers collection combines classic design with a contemporary attitude while the Mulberry collection is increasingly popular in kitchens due to its blend of classic and contemporary styles.

The Breakers collection

The Breakers collection

The best choice for finishing effects will always be the one that you decide. You are the one that has to look at your project day in and day out, so make sure that you are thinking about the long run, not just what is trendy or playful.

Your designer will offer his or her suggestions but will never push you into a decision that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Let your creativity run wild and always remember that our desire at Classy Closets of Tucson is to make our clients happy and proud of the custom-designed product.

Contact us today for your complimentary in-home design and estimate and see for yourself just how classy your home can be.

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Classy Closets of Tucson provides home and office storage solutions that will create more space in your life. No matter where you live or work, you need freedom to move and room to breathe. Our custom closets are designed to create more open space so you can work, think and feel better.
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