Create a Mirrored,Custom Storage Solution at Classy Closets

Incorporating mirrors in to the interior design of your home is a great way to brighten and enlarge any space in your home. Mirrors bring light and depth into a room and will essentially act as another window.

You can move mirrors around according to your taste or desire- allowing you to visually enlarge your space. Designer Celia Berliner advises, “The location and placement of the mirror are key when utilizing them- you want to make sure that it will not create undesirable reflections and will allow it to maximize its innate qualities.” Do not place mirrors in front of, or opposite, a cluttered space. Instead, choose a clean and calm space to enhance. You can try arranging multiple mirrors on the same wall, using a large mirror to enhance a small space, and use mirrors in every room of your home. Mirrors are a classic and simple way to enhance the beauty, space, and light of your home and space. Take a look at some of these pictures below for great ideas for mirror design and placement:

Another great way to visually expand the look of your space, add needed light, and additional storage is to create a custom storage solution that incorporate mirrors. You can add mirrors to your custom closet storage solution and add light and space in your master closet, add mirrors on a media/entertainment center, or even on your kitchen cabinets. The possibilities are endless! Mirrors are a great way to incorporate light, visual interest, and design. Take a look at some of these custom storage solutions that incorporate mirrors:

Contact a Classy Closets designer today to set up a free design appointment and start creating a mirrored, custom storage solution for your home today.

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