How to Paint Upholstery

paint couch

Hey Scottsdale!

Do you have an old, outdated chair or couch that you want to refurnish? Recovering it is very expensive and takes time and skill. Try painting it! Painting your furniture is a great, inexpensive way to personalize your home!


1 quart of either acrylic or latex satin paint in the color of your choice

Spray bottle full of water (refillable)


Fabric medium (equal to the amount of paint you use)

Super fine grit sand paper

1. Wipe down the chair or couch so it’s completely clean.

2. Mix together 1:1 parts paint with fabric medium. The fabric medium helps the fabric from becoming hard. Then mix in water. There should be about ½ as much water as there is paint (1 part water, 2 parts paint).

3. Spray a section of the chair generously with water and rub the water into the fabric. Brush on the paint and blend it in with your hands. This base coat is supposed to be very watered down, so don’t overdo it. Make sure to brush with the grain on your last stroke.

4. Apply two coats of this watered down mixture to the chair. Each layer should be very thin. If it’s too thick in some places, add more water. Be sure to let each layer dry completely before starting a new one.

5. If there are any rough patches, sand them down in the direction of the grain.

6. Lastly, apply the top coat. Once again, mix 1:1 parts paint with fabric medium. Add in only a small amount of water to dilute the mixture. This coat gives the chair its deep color, so apply the paint more generously and don’t miss anything. Let dry.

The paint shouldn’t rub off, so put this chair anywhere you want and enjoy!

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