Build Your Own Drying Rack!

ladder drying rack

Hey Scottsdale!

Arizona summers are tough on your wallet. The outside heat pushes your thermostat lower and lower, which pushes your electricity bill higher and higher. A great way to save your electricity bill is to hang dry your clothes! Instead of wasting electricity to use the dryer, build your own drying rack! An easy way to do this is to simple upcycle and old, wooden ladder.

First, get a wooden ladder. It could be sitting in your garage or even at a swap meet. Feel free to keep it long or saw it down to a more manageable length. If you don’t already have one or don’t want to buy one, consider making your own with a couple 2x4s and some thick wooden dowels.

Next, prime and paint it to match your laundry room. For older ladders, sand it down to keep chips of wood out of your clothes and splinters out of your fingers.

Finally, screw four hooks into the ceiling of your laundry room at the appropriate distance from each other and four more into the four corners of your ladder. Attach the chains to the ladder and the ceiling. If you don’t want to hang it from your ceiling, simply prop it up against the wall!

We hope this unique piece will help you save money and electricity!

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