Organize Your Garage for the Summer


Hey Scottsdale!

The garage is probably one of the most missed places while cleaning. Between all the toys, bikes, scooters, and cars, the garage is also one of the messiest and chaotic. Take back control of your garage by using some simple organizational tips!

Start by de-cluttering your garage. Take out old toys and donate them to charity. Throw out all the trash that has accumulated throughout the years. This will diminish the mess and make the task seem much less daunting.

After de-cluttering, it’s time to start organizing! Start by utilizing the wall space. Hang up pegboards on the walls to house your tools. Use hooks or screwdriver racks to hang them on the pegboards. This will keep your tools off the workbench, leaving more room for work to be done.

Next, hang up shovels, rakes, and weed wackers on the wall with heavy-duty hooks. This keeps them from being knocked over or leaning against the wall, not to mention it gives you a clear, open walking space.

Hang a bike rack or hook on the wall to make more room for cars.

Finally, keep basketballs, footballs, and baseballs off the ground with a ball rack.

For a finishing touch, change the bulbs in your garage lighting to make a clean, open feeling and give the door a good scrubbing!

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For more organizational ideas, check out our Pinterest page!

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