Organize Office, Garage, and Entertainment Center Cords

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We live in an era that relies heavily on electronics. We have TVs, phones, and computers at our fingertips at all times. With all these electronics come the mess and abundance of cords. Cords can make a mess of any office, garage, or entertainment center if you let them. However, we have a few tips that will keep them neat and organized!

binder clips

 1. Use binder clips to keep cords handy. This works best with laptop and other gadget chargers. To do this, simply release one clamp, slip the cord through, reattach the clamp, and clip it to your desk! This keeps your cords from being trampled on the ground and makes them convenient to find. Check out lihab’s Flickr set for step-by-step photos.


2. Label your cords. Power strips make identifying cords difficult, but by labeling them, whether you choose these kable flags or a homemade version, you’ll never accidently unplug your computer again!


3. Hide your cords with a foam pipe insulator. Keep your charging cords looking neat by slicing the foam down its length and storing the cords inside with the ends hanging out the slit. The Unclutterer blog has step-by-step photos to help you out.

cable tie

4. Tie up the slack. Most of the mess and sloppiness of cords comes from their length. Make your cords the perfect length by gathering the slack and tying it with cable ties. Although you can use regular zip ties to do the job, reusable ties can be used indefinitely without having to be cut.

papertowel extension cord

5. Store extension cords in a paper towel tube. This is a great tip for the garage, where extension cords can be hung on a pegboard. Although it is not the most attractive storing technique, you can manage your heaps of extension cords much easier.


6. Keep the cords off the floor using a wire basket. This can be used in any area, although the most obvious and practical is the office. Simply attach the wire basket to the underside of your desk and snake your cords under your desk and through it. This trick will keep the cords off the floor and give the illusion that there are no cords!

For more organizational tips, check out the Classy Closets Pinterest page!

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