Purse Organization

purse organization

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We all love to shop, and purses seem to be our Achilles heel. If you’re anything like me, you have a mountain of purses in the corner of your closet, climbing up the wall, and threatening to topple over. This lack of organization makes you forget about and underuse some bags and can bend other purses out of shape. Organizing your purses in your closet can be just what you need to utilize space, as well as your budding supply of handbags. We have some great organizer suggestions to help you start!

A purse file is essentially a closet shoe holder for purses. This particular purse file is made out of clear vinyl so you can easily choose your purse. This is great for clutches and leather purses (leather purses shouldn’t be hung by their handles).

An over the door purse rack accommodates for both space and number of handbags. It can be hung on the back of a bedroom or closet door, out of the way and using the least amount of space, and hangs up to 16 purses at once.

An over the rod purse rack, much like the over the door purse rack, provides a utilization of space and number of purses. It is hung on the rod inside your closet and has room for accessories like belts and scarves. It can fit up to 20 purses and accessories.

For a more DIY purse organizer, shower curtain hooks can be hung from closet rods to keep purses off the floor and easy to find. Clutches and leather bags can be stowed in baskets on a shelf, giving them an ordered, clean look.

We hope that these tips have helped you organize your life just a little more! For more organizational tips, visit us at our Pinterest page!

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