Jewelry Organization

Hey San Diego!

As everyone knows, jewelry is notorious for becoming tangled together into endless, undoable knots. Long necklaces, short necklaces, bracelets, and earrings get intertwined and lost if not stored properly. Organizing them is the key to keeping them in pristine condition and all in one place. Messy jewelry makes a room look messy, so in order to keep a room clean and organized, you must clean up and organize your jewelry.

There are many different, unique ways to organize your jewelry, but we will focus on just a few.

The first, and most elegant looking, is the jewelry drawer. The drawer has small, jewelry inserts for each individual piece of jewelry. This keeps your necklaces separate from each other and your rings and earrings easy to find. This is a great accompaniment you can get when you order a Classy Closets custom closet!

jewelry drawer

For an easy, DIY jewelry holder, you can find a frame and attach mesh, screen, or burlap to the back for an instant earring holder. Screw knobs onto the bottom of the frame for necklaces and bracelets to hang from and you’re done!


For a more eclectic look, you can find unique ring and necklace holders that add interest to any room!

rabbit ring holder

For more information on jewelry drawers and creating your own, personalized closet, visit our showroom in Escondido!

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Organizing Your Home Office


Hey San Diego!

Here at Classy closets, we know that productivity can diminish in disorganized environments. Home offices are the biggest areas of this loss of productivity. When papers are scattered over the desktop, procrastination creeps in. However, by employing just a few tips, your home office can become the embodiment of a productive environment.

1. Organize your drawers with dividers. Keep your pens and pencils off the desktop and in the drawers along with post-its, highlighters, and paperclips.

2. Put your papers in file cabinets or file trays. Bills can be easily lost in the sea of papers on a desktop. By organizing them with files, you don’t have to worry about losing important documents.

3. Keep your schedule in check with bulletin boards or desktop calendars. Pin reminders or to-do lists on the bulletin board and list your schedule on the desktop calendar. Having a schedule all in one place allows you better peace of mind. You can increase your productive energies knowing when your appointments are and when your kids’ appointments are. (Check out our blog post on organizing your schedule for more ideas.)

4. Create an environment that you enjoy working in. If your office is boring or chaotic, you will never want to be in it. Start by hanging pictures/paintings or redo your cabinets (Classy Closets can help with that!) and you will love working in your new and improved home office!

For more organizational ideas, check out our Pinterest page!

Our closest showroom to San Diego is in Escondido. Feel free to stop by or call us at 760-735-2545.

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