Organizing Your Home Office

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In our latest blog, we talked about the most important part of organizing your home office: evaluating your needs and designing your office space to fit your lifestyle. Now that you have your perfect home office- how do you organize it? Try some of these helpful hints:

1. PURGE! That’s right- it’s time to clean out your home office. Get rid of things that you don’t need and that are just taking up space. A general rule to follow is: if you haven’t used it in a year- throw it out! So, throw out those broken pens, old papers and magazines, and any other unwanted office supplies. By keeping things neat, tidy, and efficient you will streamline your office and your time.

2. Clean out your filing system. That’s right… we know nobody ever wants to do this… But, it will be helpful. We promise. It’s time to sort through those endless piles of paper. Shred unimportant files and organize your important ones. Just doing this will give you peace of mind when you walk into your office.

3.Clear off your desk. In order to feel organized your desk to be a clean space. Don’t store office supplies, printers, papers, mail, etc. on top of you desk. Clearing off your desk will make your space less cluttered. When designing your home office make sure you account for enough storage space.

4. One of the more accessible cupboards should include a space for your most current projects. Including incoming mail, bills to be paid, and outgoing mail. Stand-up file folders should help to organize your documents.

5. Clean out your computer. Yep, you’ve cleaned up your physical files and now it’s time to clean out your virtual ones. Spend an evening going through your computer and cleaning it up a bit. Erase old documents that you don’t need and create new files with short and definitive names to store the documents you do need. Name your pictures files by date so that you can easily find a picture you are looking for.

6. Buy a document shredder and a wastebasket for your office. This will help with anything unnecessary piling up around your office. Immediately shred any unwanted mail with personal information and toss the rest.

7. Place a picture or another sentimental piece to make your office feel more personal.

8. Consider carefully how you want to decorate your home office. More than likely you will spend a lot of time here. Consider what type of design elements you want to incorporate and slowly begin to add colors you want to incorporate. For design ideas see this Classy Closets’ blog post, and watch for more like it very soon.

Are you feeling inspired yet?! Okay, go! It’s time to start checking off some of your New Year resolutions. With these easy tips, your home office should be brag-worthy in no time. For more information about our custom-built home offices, visit our website and schedule a free in-home consultation.  It’s never been a better time to schedule an appointment for a home office; Classy Closets is currently offering $500 off a custom-designed home office.

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DMCA Notice

DMCA Notice

Classy Closets respects the intellectual property of others:

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Top 5 Best Closet Accessories as Picked by Classy Closets’ Designer

Designing your new custom Classy Closets’ master closet is half the fun! With over 50 closet accessories to chose from, you’ll definitely be able to create a closet that is just perfect for you. Straight from some of our professional designers, here are our top 5 can’t-miss closet accessories:

1: Built-in Hamper- Once you’ve designed a beautiful closet with Classy Closets, you want to keep it in mint condition! A built-in hamper will help store your dirty clothes so they don’t litter the floor and shelves.

 2: Multi-functional Hooks- Closet hooks can be easily overlooked when designed your closet as there is already so much storage space, however multi-functional closet hooks are perfect for hanging jewelry, purses and other loose items. Hooks help to easily organize your belongings and keep things from cluttering the floor.

 3. Jewelry Drawer Insert- Store your special jewelry items in a velvet jewelry drawer for safe storage and peace of mind. By adding a jewelry insert to your master closet you can easily access your favorite accessories each time you reach for them.

 4. Belt Rack- There is nothing more frustrating than trying to hang a belt on a hanger only to have it slip off! Add a belt rack to your custom closet and find your belt every time you reach for it. Problem solved!

 5. Pull-out Wire Baskets- Wire baskets are the perfect way to store your non-hanging clothes. Easy access pull-out wire baskets add functionality and visibility to your master closet. Stop searching your drawers to find your favorite sweater, with wire baskets you’ll never misplace it again!

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Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

Hey Salt Lake!

Dressers and closets have the tendency to make clothes smell stale or sometimes even old and with busy summer schedules, there is no time to throw it in the wash to give it back its fresh, summer scent. Fortunately, there is a remedy for both closets and dressers. Sachets provide a way for you to keep your clothes odor-free and moth-free. Sachets are linen or cotton muslin pouches filled with your choice of ingredient, including thyme, cloves, lavender, mint, or cedar. These ingredients are sure to give your closet a natural fresh scent that will keep your clothes smelling fresh day after day.

hanging sachet

Here’s a great tutorial on how to make your own hanger sachet by Martha Stewart!

hippie sachet

Don’t want to make your own? Go to Etsy for cute, affordable sachets with your choice of scent, or go to Hippie Shop for a lavender sachet.

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Fix Your Crazy Schedule


Hey Salt Lake!

With summer finally here, trying to juggle kids’ activities, vacations, work, and every day errands can get hectic. This time of year provides a perfect opportunity to revamp your schedule. Effective scheduling is essential for an organized life, and here at Classy Closets, we love organization. An effective schedule is more than just lists and calendars. It’s about time management and planning. With help from She Knows Living and Mrs. January, we have a few tips to help you overhaul your schedule.

1. Start tracking your time. Go about your day-to-day routines and note how long tasks take (ex: commuting, eating, social media, errands, etc.)

2. Eliminate time-wasters. After a week of tracking your time, start cutting out extraneous activities. Things like social media scrolling and TV watching are usually unnecessary and can wait until all of the “must do” items are completed.

3. Stay focused. Time management is key to maintaining a successful schedule. Don’t get distracted by daunting tasks. Take everything on step at a time.

4. Prioritize your schedule. If you’re really busy, don’t weigh down your day with things that could be done tomorrow. Finish the most important tasks, and then move on to the less pressing ones.

We hope that these tips will help you to have an organized summer!

Always on the go? Here are five schedule organizing phone apps.

Our closest showroom to Salt Lake is in Midvale, UT. Call us at (801) 572-7712 for more information.

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