Get Your Garage Looking Brand New!


Hey Phoenix!

Garages are often the messiest part of a home. Balls, bikes, and tools are scattered in-between cars, making it difficult to maneuver. It is cleaned less often because it is a transitional part of the home. You never stay in it for long, usually just enough time to get in and out of the car. But it’s time to clear out the mess and make it a place to be proud of!

The first step, as always, is to de-clutter. Looking at the mess can make cleaning out your garage a daunting task. But by clearing out the stuff you don’t need, you reduce the mess and you see what really needs to be done. Start by throwing out old toys you have accumulated throughout the years and go from there.

Next, utilize wall space and put up pegboards. Instead of leaving your tools lying on a workbench, hang them on pegboards with hooks or screwdriver racks. This organizes all your tools in one place, making them easy to find.

Don’t leave your gardening tools propped up against the wall. Hang them up on the wall with heavy-duty hooks. This gets the out of the way and out of the hands of kids.

Get your bikes out of the way of cars and onto the walls with bike hooks or racks. This will leave more space for cars and your bikes won’t constantly be falling over.

Finally, hang a ball rack on the wall for all the sports balls in your garage.

For a brighter, more open atmosphere, change the bulbs in the garage lighting and give the door a good cleaning.

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For more organizational tips, visit our Pinterest page!

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Get your pantry organized fast!


Hey Phoenix!

Spring-cleaning usually inspires us to clean our homes from bathrooms and bedrooms to living rooms and offices. However, pantries are usually skipped over. An organized pantry can keep you organized in the other aspects of your life, like grocery shopping and meal planning, so it’s important to keep up the system. To help you keep it up, we have a few tips for pantry organization.

First, de-clutter. If you haven’t cleaned out your pantry in a while, it’s likely that you have quite a few expired items. Throw them all away to make room for their replacements.

Second, arrange the food in a logical order. Group foods together that are similar (canned foods, snack foods, cereals, grains, etc.), then in order of size. This will help you while you’re cooking and will look nice and neat.

Third, look into pantry storage solutions. Here at Classy Closets, we can refurnish your pantry so you can maximize your storage space and make it look great! (Visit our website for more information).

Fourth, maintain. Keep your pantry clean and organized by continuing the system you have just created.

For more organizational tips, take a look at our Classy Closets Pinterest page! Also, visit us at our Chandler showroom for more information on refurbishing your pantry!

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Mother’s Day Deal

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Wondering how Mother’s Day was started?

In 1868, Ann Jarvis was working to establish a “Mother’s Friendship Day” to reunite families who had been separated in the Civil War. However, she died before it became popular. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis, continued her efforts and succeeded in establishing Mother’s Day in honor of her mother.

Mother’s Day has offered an opportunity to celebrate and honor mothers all around the world since 1908. However, it is not limited to just mothers. Wives, daughters, sisters, and friends can be celebrated on this day as well. Every mother deserves something special, so forget the flowers and chocolate and let Classy Closets help! This May 12th, celebrate the mother in your life with the gift of organization! If you’re in the Phoenix area, you can help her organize her life with a full walk-in master closet customization for $400 off or a basic reach-in closet starting at only $289. Closet already organized? Take a look at our home office, garage, and kitchen remodeling deals as well. Classy Closets has it all! Stay tuned for upcoming Father’s Day promotions.

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