Christmas Countdown Day One: Garlands

There is only one more week until Christmas! And, it’s time for our Christmas Countdown! For the next seven days we will countdown some of our favorite Christmas gift ideas, designs, and decorations. We love Christmas and all it brings- the joy and peace of giving to others and time spent around those we love. Merry Christmas to you all!

DAY ONE: Christmas Garlands

A garland is a decorative cord that can be hung on a Christmas tree, hearth, bookshelf, or anywhere else that needs a little Christmas cheer. Originally Christmas garlands were made primarily from pine needles and pine trimmings. Today however, Christmas garlands can be made from anything and everything. Take a look at some of our favorite Christmas garlands. We think these would look great hung from a Classy Closet bookshelf or entertainment center:

Christmas-Garland-4 designimprovised garland 1 decoratingbyday garland by jenniferchong garland by lovelyindeed garland by mkinspired garland by bellamumma


To share your favorite garlands or to share photos of your own garlands and for a chance to be re-posted on the Classy Closets Blog and Facebook page- upload your photo and tag us in your Facebook post and/or hashtag your Twitter picture #classyclosetschristmas. We look forward to seeing your photos!

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