Classy Closet’s Decor Tips: Area Rugs

We love the idea of enhancing your space with a beautiful area rug. And, is it just us- or do rugs keep getting more and more gorgeous?! We love the combination of purpose and luxury that rugs can bring into a space.

Rugs serve an important purpose in your home because they help to define and distinguish space. For example, placing a rug in a living room or bedroom will help to define the boundaries of your space and will help to convey the size of the room. In an open concept home, rugs can help to distinguish between different spaces- allowing you to define boundaries for your home. Area rugs help to guide the eye to different areas in your home and recognize them as such.

But, let’s get to the really fun part about rugs: the beauty. No matter the size, style, or material of the rug you choose- rugs are placed in a home to enhance the beauty. Rugs can enrich and brighten rooms and can help to tie the different elements of your home together. For example, the right color and pattern of rug will help to accentuate the color or your walls, furniture, woods, pillows, etc. When picking the perfect rug for your space consider what color and pattern will help to enhance your home.

When you follow a few simple guidelines rugs effortlessly compliment your home. Here are some of Classy Closet’s best tips:

*Pick the right size of rug for your space. A rug should help convey the size of the actual space. Do not pick a rug that is too large or too small. A good rule of thumb is that the rug should be slightly smaller than the furniture in the room. Follows is a list room by room of some helpful guidelines:

Living room: When the rug goes under the first two legs of the couch or chairs the       room and rug both appear larger.

Hallway: Choose a rug that is a bit wider than the doors in the hallway.

Entryway or Foyer: Choose a rug that fills the space and is not farther than 18 inches away from the wall. If you choose a circular rug place it right under the light fixture in the foyer.

Bedrooms: Do not place small rugs around the room. The general rule is that a rug should run perpendicular under the bed under the bottom 2/3’s of the bed.

*Choose the right pattern for your space. A small and reoccurring pattern is a safe bet for almost any space. However, if you are going to be covering your rug with furniture, make sure that there is not a large pattern or print that will be obscured.

*If you have patterned pillows, window treatments, etc. then choose a rug with a different size proportioned pattern. It works well to mix patterns if the proportions are different.

*Choose the right rug for your lifestyle. For example, if you are in high-traffic areas try choosing a wool rug. Most importantly, research your rug and talk to people before investing in a rug.

*You are not limited to one area rug per space- large spaces can be divided by using separate rugs. Try using to similar sized rugs to split up the room.

*Use a non-skid rug pad under the rug that is about 2 inches smaller than the rug area itself.

*When layering rugs, make sure they work well together and still tie in the furniture pieces. Layering rugs is a bold, modern technique- you do not need to add bright colors or loud patterns. Allow the bottom rug to poke out from the top rug- do not have extremely disproportionate rugs.

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